Looking forward to the General Elections?

Press the pause button for a bit and join us in throwing back to the good ol’ days instead.

Before you carry on with this article, we challenge you to leave us for awhile and switch to the Facebook tab you’ve got going up there.

Scroll all. the. way. down (seriously, all the way, don’t cheat) to the first ever photo in your profile.

Take a good look at yourself and get back here.

Cringing so much your body aches? Thought so.


That’s why it’s always way more fun to laugh look at old photos of………………………. other people.

And since GE’s just around the corner, we bo liaos bring you the political edition of everybody’s favourite then and now list to add a dose of light-hearted into the otherwise serious season.

Oh, and we’ll be voting for our favourite look of the two.

Disclaimer: MustShareNews is not responsible for any RuSrses/OMG/WTF/ROFLMAOs incurred. The photos are. Enjoy.

1. Lee Hsien Loong

pm lee then and nowSource, Source

Then: Baby Lee Hsien Loong is seriously #BabyGoals. I mean just lwooook aaat heeeem, heeee’s shwwooooooo keeeeewwwwtttt.

Now: Retained every bit of that golden smile and knows it. Explains his selfie obsession.

Our pick: Then. Baby Lee Hsien Loong because babies.

2. Goh Chok Tong

Goh Chok Tong then and now
Source, Source

Then: Everybody’s idea of what a stereotypical spoil market first-class honours graduate looked like back then, complete with the nerd glasses no one thinks are nerd anymore today.

Now: A mellow grandfather who looks like he’ll sit his grandkids down on his lap and tell them childhood stories in his free time.

Our pick: Now, cos he’s a mellower garland-wearing ESM who will spend time smiling at old folks in the heartlands.

3. Baey Yam Keng

baey yam keng then and now
Source, Source

Then: Donned a middle parting he probably thought looked cool then.

Now: Always dons classic slicked back hair that looks cool now, unless he’s out for a run. BAEy YUM Keng always. looks. cool.

Our pick: Both. Cos being BAEy never expires.

4. Tin Pei Ling

tin pei lingSource, Source


Nuff’ said.

Now: Very, very, very preggers. Like woah, where did that come from?


Our pick: Then. “I don’t know what to say!” beats mummy Ling hands down. Because what was GE 2011 without memefied Tin Pei Ling?

5. Tan Chuan-Jin

tan chuan-jin then and now
Source, Source

Then: Look at my mama flashing that bright smile. But I’m too cool for that. Imma always be cool.

Now: Told you so.

Our pick: Both. Well, there’s not much of a choice is there? We can’t really decide cause TCJ is eternally cool.

6. Ng Eng Hen

ng en hen then and nowSource, Source

Then: The ACS look is real. He looks soooooooo ACS. (Yes, our defense minister is an alumnus.)

Now: That’s one contagious smile brah.

Our pick: Now. Today’s Ng Eng Hen is our number one article choice when we have monday blues.

7. Chee Soon Juan

chee soon juan then and now
Source, Source

Then: So proud of his teeth he had to show off both rows.

Now: Even prouder of dem pearly whites. Because gums spotted!

Our pick: Then. The gums are pretty unnecessary.

8. Teo Ser Luck

teo ser luck then and now
Source, Source

Then: Our Minister of State, Trade and Industry really used to look like he carried a small comb in his dress shirt pocket everywhere he went.

Now: That’s some nice au naturel bangs you got going on there, sir. Very nice.

Our pick: Now. Keeping it real is the way to go.

9. Josephine Teo

josephine teo then and now
Source, Source

Then: Oh dear.

Now: Our Senior Minister of State seems to better understand what short hair done right means. That current pixie cut of hers complements her facial features a million times more.

Our pick: Now, minus the blazer we almost mistaken for cow prints. Are we starting to sound like a fashion magazine? Okok, we’ll stop.

10. Low Thia Khiang

low thia khiang then and now
Source, Source

Then: WP Chief Mr Low looked like he could have been the popz Taiwanese ballad singer of his day, having been blessed with that voluminous head of hair. Fei Yu Ching anyone?

low thia khiangSource, Source

Seems legit.

Now: A powerful and influential opposition speaker, even though his jealous-worthy hair has stopped backing him up.

Our pick: Now. It’ll be interesting to see what he has to say this GE.

11. Tony Tan

tony tan then and now
Source, Source


tony tanSource, Source

Now: President-y enough to take over SR Nathan’s spot on the wall of every government office and school.

Our pick: Then, because young Tony Tan’s way more novel than that picture on the wall.

12. Lim Hng Kiang

lim hng kiang then and now
Source, Source

Then: Loving that uniform much? Fun fact: Our Minister for Trade and Industry was a RI boy and joined a uniform group CCA then.

Now: Maintains that stronk jawline from the good ol’ days.

Our pick: Then. Put on those nerd glasses again Minister Lim, they’re the in thing now.

13. Chiam See Tong

chiam see tong then and now
Source, Source

Then: Pretty good looking actually.

Now: Fragile and ageing, but still brimming with the character that earned him the respect people have for him today.

Our pick: Now. He may not be the SPP’s biggest voice at this year’s GE, but there’s a timelessness about him that just deserves a standing ovation no matter the day and age.

Now is the time to look forward

It’s been nice taking you on this little educational (ok psssshhhh, who are we kidding) walk back in time.

But now that that’s done, we’re sure you’re all set for what’s next. Because GE 2015 is real.

Hint: Electoral Boundaries.

Happy GE!

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