First a public holiday, what next? S’poreans weigh their options on Twitter with #SG50YouWish

Public weariness over #SG50 is beginning to take its toll — and we’re only into the third month of celebrations. Advertisements and discounts abound, but Singaporeans are beginning to complain about having SG50 shoved down their throats everywhere they go.

However, spirits will have been lifted at news of 7 August becoming a public holiday, something nobody could have possibly imagined, especially after us having only 11 public holidays for the longest time.

Seemingly in response to this unprecedented move, mrbrown started a hashtag on Twitter: #SG50YouWish. If the Government can give us a public holiday in the name of #SG50, why not all our outlandish and cheapo desires, right?

Though not initially specified, most of the tweets related to #SG50YouWish featured the number 50.

Here are some of the tweets.

This one by mrbrown got the ball rolling:

In response to Speaker of Parliament Halimah Yacob’s plea to Singaporeans to not go overseas:

In this day and age, the following tweet sounds like a distant dream:

Indeed, even the wildest dream has to been somewhat realistic (tongue-in-cheek, of course)

Deep down, every Singaporean suffering under their measly (but faster!) data plan cap wishes for this:

In reference to two words which every NSman finds a burden:

The 50 game is strong with this one. #ReturnOurCPF

Sweet dreams are made of this:

We really, really, really don’t want to be held to ransom just to watch football.

Imagine if the Gahmen really made this happen. Bricks will be shat.

Some more politically-inclined tweets, mainly related to the activists who distributed leaflets in Aljunied GRC:

We can all dream, right?

Sure, most of the tweets related to #Sg50 were intended for a laugh, and satirist mrbrown has brought the laughs to serious matters for years. But you know the Government is really going all-out with their #SG50 promotions when they are even willing to give a public holiday despite strong calls for one going unheard over the years.

Who knows what else the Government will come up with for SG50? Personally, we’re rooting for 50 Cent to grace us with his presence 🙂

Maybe the Government will never fully take care of every citizen like a welfare state, but at least they’re doing something. Even if that something is for the sake of a celebration which might have started too early.

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Featured image via SG50