SGAG Makes A Special Delivery At Sim Lim Square

Like everyone else, the pranksters from SGAG have heard about the douchebag Jover Chew, who has been cheating people of their money at Mobile Air, a shop in Sim Lim. The shop owner’s most famous victim is the Vietnamese man Pham Van Thoai, who kneeled down and begged the former for an iPhone. This happened after the shop asked Pham for an additional $1,000 in “warranty” fees.

The pranksters modified their “You Don’t C*****” t-shirt, eliminating the word “don’t,” which conveyed exactly what they wanted to say to him. They even cut up the t-shirt so that it would expose his nipples when he wore it.

Instagram Reacts

These unknown “vigilantes” were applauded by netizens, who thought that they did the right the right thing. One of them even said that Chew “deserved it.” Here are some other responses:


Vigilante Justice?

With the power of the internet, it appears that anyone can give Chew a piece of their mind, as many feel that CASE has not done enough. (CASE has invited Chew to sign a Voluntary Compliance agreement (VCA), which will make him accountable for his actions, but the shop owner has not yet done so.)  Apart from this prank, a man named Gabriel Kang raised money to compensate the Pham for his loss to make things right.

What Kang did was awesome, but what guys SGAG did? Not so much. While we all want to pelt rotten eggs at Jover Chew, hating on this man isn’t the answer as he has to answer for what he has done. CASE should step up their game and bring Lim to court—perhaps, if his business is shut down, the other stores in this shopping complex will take note and be more wary of scamming their customers.

With reference to Channel News Asia and  Instagram
Featured image via Instagram