He left his executive job just to travel for his 30th birthday

Benson Lim was your typical Singaporean marketing executive.

Then he decided to quit his job.


His reasons for doing so

Having just turned 30, he felt that now is an appropriate age to pursue his long desired dream of travelling around the world. Such a trip would have taken a toll if done at an elderly age.



Since 2011, he had always wanted to travel, but was unable due to his financial constraints. Benson felt resigning from his job presented the perfect opportunity to fulfill his dreams.


With all of his travelling plans, the only question remains: How will he travel?

He will travel to London by via rail

Benson will be starting his adventure from Singapore to London just by taking trains. By doing so, he will be travelling more than 20,000 kilometers over 14 countries and 20 cities.


He will begin taking the train from Malaysia travelling north towards Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. Along his way, he will be visiting cities such as Bangkok, Vientiane, and Hanoi.


Benson will then transfer to Beijing, China, where he take the well-known Trans-Siberian Railway to Moscow.


Arriving at Moscow, he will drop by a few countries in Europe before hopping on the train again from Paris to London.


While in the United Kingdom, Benson will proceed to England and Scotland for a few weeks before making his way back home to Singapore.


His journey will take approximately 86 days, including sightseeing stops at different cities.

Courage is his middle name

Benson has genuine concerns of job security, career progression ,and financial independence on his mind. Nonetheless, he took the leap of faith to realized his dreams of traveling. It took courage and strength for him to proceed without certainty.

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