Guess we only have ourselves to blame for global warming

Mankind might soon have to find a way to survive underwater, thanks to climate change.

According to a report by Climate Central, rising sea levels could result in appalling effects on coastal cities worldwide, including Singapore.

Sea levels could rise 9.5 metres with just a 4°C increase

The report took into consideration the repercussions of different climate change scenarios of 1.5, 2, 3, and 4 degrees celsius in 2100. It was projected that carbon emissions causing 4°C of warming could result in the median local sea level to rise 9.5 metres, forcing 745,000 Singaporeans underwater.

This is out of an estimated population figure of 4.68 million in Singapore in 2010. 4 °C warming could also see the submergence of land occupied by more than half of Mumbai, Hanoi and Shanghai’s population.

Even at the proposed international target of 2°C warming, 101,000 Singaporeans would be affected as the median local sea level rises to 5.1 metres.

At the least drastic warming of 1.5°C, 35,000 Singaporeans would still be affected, with the median local sea level increasing by 3.1 metres.

China, the world’s leading carbon emitter, faces the greatest coastal risk, with 145 million threatened by rising sea levels.

See the effects of climate change

Climate Central has also come up with an interactive map named Mapping Choices that enables users to envision the possible consequences of 4°C and 2°C warming in global cities.

In Singapore, the most vulnerable areas would be around Marina Bay, Jurong, Tuas, Changi Airport, and the Southern Islands — these areas could potentially be submerged should temperatures rise, even by 2°C.

Just take a look at this map here (light blue parts depict areas most affected by global warming):


So what now?

Before you go full panic mode, bear in mind that the report did not factor in existing or future shoreline defences that might be erected.

And who knows? Maybe by then we would have somehow found a way to survive underwater – perhaps by living in a pineapple under the sea.



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Featured image via Climate Central
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