He allegedly urged driver to “go go”, causing a rash act

The passengers in the Shangri-La shooting have been charged with trafficking of three packets of diamorphine amounting to 9 grams.

If you’re wondering about the difference between diamorphine and heroin, there isn’t any. Diamorphine (or diacetylmorphine) is the medical term for heroin.

What is more interesting, is an additional charge has been pressed against Muhammad Syahid, the 26-year-old passenger, for allegedly inciting Mohamad Taufik Zahar, the now-dead driver, into behaving rashly and driving the car into the direction of two police officers, named Mr Mohamad Zahid Suhaimi and Mr See Toa Chew Yin.

Muhammad Syahid’s words were allegedly “jalan jalan”, which means “go go” in English. No, the meaning here isn’t the same as when your friend asks to go on a walkabout after dinner.

Due to the circumstances, this line seemed to have made Mohamad Taufik panic and accelerate into a concrete barrier.

Muhammad Syahid’s exact charge was “acting rashly to endanger personal safety of others”; “others” in this case being the police officers. If found guilty, this would mean that Muhammad Syahid also indirectly caused the death of Mohamad Taufik, as the act of crashing into the concrete barrier forced the police to take action and fire shots at the car.

More charges may be brought



Now, the two will be remanded for a week for further investigations, to check if there are more charges to be brought against them. They will return to court on 15 June (Monday).

Meanwhile, the wife of Mohamad Taufik cried foul at the manner of her husband’s death. If Muhammad Syahid is found guilty, what will she think of him then?

We’re not saying they would have done the right thing if they knew which roads to avoid, but surely a life could have been spared. The man had a wife and kid.

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Featured image via Channel NewsAsia
With references from The Straits Times, TODAY Online