K Shanmugam Speaks On Behalf Of SG Government

After all the flak that Pink Dot organisers have drawn this year from the public, we finally have some heartwarming news.

Law Minister K Shanmugam, in a Facebook post, has finally revealed the Government’s stance on the whole Pink Dot debacle.

Speaking with NGO Oogachaga

In an interview with Oogachaga, Mr Shanmugam answered questions on the Government’s stand on the LGBT scene in Singapore, and Pink Dot.


Oogachaga is an NGO (non-governmental organization) that provides counsel and support for LGBT community members.

Government Respects Pink Dot

In the interview, Mr Shanmugam asserted that the Government had issued permission for Pink Dot to be held at Speakers Corner, therefore they would stand by their decision.

He also stated that the Government is neutral about all the underlying causes that Pink Dot advocates, and reiterated that anyone has the right to organise such events as long as they abide by the rules.

He also warned those who had been harassing Pink Dot patrons, declaring that the Government would not hesitate to take action against them if the harassment got too extreme. Mr Shanmugam also provided this rhetoric that can be used for almost any polarising controversy —

People will have strong views on LGBT issues. The way to deal with the issue is to discuss, persuade. Harassment, either of LGBT activists or anti LGBT activists, is not acceptable.

Featured image from Facebook