The Cool Kids Ain’t Got Nothin’ On This Ban

Are you one of those cool kids who smoke shisha at Clarke Quay or Haji Lane? Here’s news for you—shisha is even worse than cigarettes and the government is doing something about it.

Ban On Import, Distribution And Sale

The ban on importing, distributing and selling shisha will start this month.

Parliamentary Secretary for Health Faishal Ibrahim announced this yesterday.

Sparing a thought for businesses that deal in shisha (or perhaps those who are addicted to it), those with remaining stock have until end of July 2016 to clear it.

Don’t say we never warn you. Go find yourself another fix.

By the way, Contact Singapore (an alliance between the manpower ministry and Economic Development Board) needs to quickly remove this page on why foreigners should come to work in Singapore (we’ve screenshotted it here just in case).


Shisha Is Bad For You, Really.

The Health Promotion Board has tried for years to tell us that smoking shisha is bad.

Shisha has a cool aura among the young in particular, who enjoy its sweet smell and social nature (you gather around with your friends to do it).

But Shisha’s über cool water vessel and pipes is also ultra deceptive.

Can you imagine putting 100 cigarettes into your mouth and smoking it in one go? That’s what a single shisha smoking session does to you.


Haji Lane May Lose Its Lustre

Many Singaporeans feel that Haji Lane is one of Singapore’s iconic cultural districts, and shisha contributes to its culture.

With shisha out of the picture, Haji Lane may lose its appeal. It’s the main reason why many young people go there to chill, after all. The slew of restaurants that provide shisha services may also have to come up with something else to make sure that people keep coming back.

Is Banning Shisha Really The Solution?

It’s just like the state to ban something that is harmful, or has inadvertently harmed people in some way—drugs, smoking and chewing gum come to mind. And while the state has done all it can to educate us on the health hazards of shisha, isn’t it up to the people to choose if they would like to smoke it?

We are, for most part, pretty rational human beings, and we should be able to make our own choices without the state interfering. Having this choice taken away from us underscores how we have been babied time and again, and shows that the state doesn’t think we are capable of making sound decisions for ourselves.

We leave it up to you—watch the video and make your own choice.

With reference to Straits Times
Images via Windsor StarContact Singapore
Featured image via CBC
Video via breathesg