Parallel universe shows that army is pretty much the same for both genders

We can’t figure out if this short film by Butterworks has some hidden message about how girls should have mandatory national service (NS) instead of just guys.

The film, featuring part-time 98.7FM DJ Naomi Yeo, presents a parallel universe where girls serve mandatory NS and guys, well, don’t. Turns out, girls serving NS isn’t so different from guys serving NS after all.

The trailer has managed to reach 100k views in less than 24 hours; we think it has to do with this particular scene being legitimately funny.

What if girls were the ones who serve army?
Watch the full film here:

Posted by Butter Chong Yu Lun on Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Guys can be bad at foot drills and commands too, by the way. Guys also can’t bear to lose their hair, but the shaving of our heads happen anyway.

Just like death and taxes.

The film

Somehow, the high trailer views have not translated to as many views of the actual film, with only a tenth of views on YouTube.

The shenanigans the 4 girls go through might remind guys of how their BMT life went — it’s pretty relatable, though played up quite a bit for laughs.

…doesn’t that just make it a short version of Ah Boys To Men? Except the title would be Ah Girls To Women?

Oh, right. That’s probably the point.

We also didn’t miss the not-so-subtle references to the phenomenon of guys never being able to keep their girlfriends throughout their 2 years of NS.

The age-old question of NS and girls

Girls in the military have been gaining momentum on the news and social media in recent times. “If girls were the ones who serve army” is probably be the hypothetical culmination of the age-old argument of whether girls should serve NS.

The answer to that hypothetical question may or may not be in the video. Of course we aren’t going to tell you; you’re supposed to watch it to find out. We can’t spoonfeed you, you know.

Other short films by Butterworks can be found here.

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