Signature Scents Being Rolled Out Across Singapore

Did you smell something strange as you boarded your bus yesterday? Nah, it’s not that auntie clipping her toenails with one foot propped up on the seat — that scent was from the day before.

We’re talking about good scents — fragrances that ease the stress of the day and elevate your sense of being.

And they are everywhere now, even on your daily bus ride — Tower Transit has introduced a “signature scent” on Tuesday (Feb 28), and it will be released on 100 of its buses this month, reported Channel NewsAsia.


Scent My Ride

More local businesses are using “scent marketing” to improve customer experience, according to a recent article on The Straits Times.

Just like the music played in stores, scent marketing is a more insidious form of advertising that influences customer behaviour in ways that they may not even be aware of.

Different types of scents induce different feelings in customers, which may prompt them to spend more, feel more relaxed, etc. — businesses can basically tweak the customer experience anyway they want to. It also helps in brand recognition, just like a smartly designed logo does.

Here are some scents across Singapore that you may encounter, and what they’re made of:

1. Tower Transit

The bus company’s signature scent, first rolled out on service 97, has “refreshing top notes of fresh grass, lemon and orange, overlaying floral and peppermint notes, with a foundation of ylang and sandalwood”, it told Channel NewsAsia.


That’s quite a lot of ingredients just to freshen up a bus — but after seeing that auntie clipping her toenails and that woman changing her baby’s diaper on the bus, we agree that many ingredients are needed to expunge the nasty smells asap.

The company hired scent marketing experts AllSense to create this exclusive scent. The point of it is to lighten passengers’ moods — a good idea considering 97 goes from Marina Bay to Jurong East and commuters might have to ensure that long journey without a seat during peak hours. Some scents can ever help motion sickness, Tower Transit said.

Look out, er, we mean smell out the scent on buses 66, 97 and 106 soon.

2. Ion Orchard

The moment you step out from the MRT fare gates, you’re met by that familiar fragrance.

Turns out, Ion Orchard also turned to AllSense and partner ScentAir to create a signature scent for the popular Orchard Road mall. The scent gives the mall unique brand recognition.

According to Ion Orchard’s Facebook page: “The signature ION Scent is a unique blend of 20 individual fragrances from natural herbs, fruit and flowers, some of which include bergamot, white tea, mandarin, ginger, peony, mimosa and wild lavender.”


Ion Orchard has even infused its scent into candles that were redeemable by customers who spent at least $300 at the mall — presumably so they can still imagine themselves having retail therapy despite being at home or at work.

3. The Westin Singapore

The Westin Singapore keeps it simple with one main ingredient in its signature scent: White tea.

The hotel was one of the first major businesses to have an exclusive scent, and its White Tea aroma is now in all its hotels, including of course the Singapore branch.

It even sells the scent in its online store, in the form of sprays, potpourri, candles and diffusers.


4. Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital

Nobody likes to go to hospital, whether as a patient or a visitor.

However, the experience is made as pleasant as it can be at Mount Elizebeth Novena Hospital, as the facility doesn’t want to be like just any other hospital — it wants people to think they are in a 5-star hotel.

For a sterile hospital full of sick people to seem like a 5-star hotel is quite a tall order, but it’s helped by a customised therapeutic scent created by AllSense, which is diffused through all 13 levels, including its medical suites.

The scent is made up of floral top notes with lavender and herbs, with the addition of sheer white musk.



5. Singapore Air Show

Yes, even a macho event like the Singapore Air Show has a signature scent.

But a macho show needs a macho scent too. For the 2014 Singapore Air Show, AllSense designed an Official Brand Scent that would appeal to the primary demographic of its visitors: Male, aged between 30 to 50 years old.

The scent was described by AllSense as a “modern masculine arrangement of fragrance notes resplendent with dewy juicy fruits and rich dark chocolate”.


Makes Scents Now

Now that you finally know what goes into some famous scents in Singapore, perhaps you can try to make them at home — NOT.

If you were like us, your chemistry classes would have been punctuated by near-explosions every day.

So don’t try this at home, for we don’t want to be responsible for you suffocating your neighbours to death if anything goes wrong.

We will leave it to the experts like AllSense instead, and be content with the burgeoning olfactory delights of many places in Singapore.

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