Woman Asks Shopkeeper For A Refund

Ah, Sim Lim. It’s the place infamous for its scammy shops. It’s no surprise that a woman known as Miss Zhou got scammed when she bought an iPhone at $1,600, and was then forced to pay another $2,400 for two years of “insurance.”

The shopkeeper gave the woman a $1,000 discount later, but she wised up to the scam and asked the Small Claims Tribunal to help. The tribunal ordered a $1,010 refund.

A Supreme Act Of Jerkitude

One would think that the matter would be resolved, but no—when the lady arrived at the shop, he “verbally abused” her before demanding that she count the money on the floor. SGAG had this to say about the incident:

Sim Lim’s Scams Have To Stop

Every so often, an online post will talk about which shops in Sim Lim are out to scam people. Forums like Hardware Zone and Reddit have also done their fair share of ratting out these conmen, but that’s not enough. One reader from TNP said what we were all thinking:simlim

If Sim Lim can’t be a place for legitimate businesses to sell us reasonably-priced gadgets, it has to go. These awful cheats have done enough damage, and it’s time they we boycott the place and report these people to the authorities.

With reference to The New Paper, SGAG
Featured image via The New Paper