Singaporean’s Audi Gets Stolen From Johor Bahru Car Wash

Most Singaporeans love to take advantage of our superior currency to snap up good deals in Johor Bahru (JB). This could be in the form of cheaper food, petrol and even to wash their cars.

While the amount of savings may make a trip across the causeway hard to resist, one Singaporean found out that the monetary savings might not necessarily be a good deal.

In a Facebook post on 3 Dec, which has since been taken down, Mr Mohamad Hafiz shared his experience on how a simple car wash in JB went downhill for him in a matter of hours.

Dude, where’s my car?

A car wash is supposed to be a simple procedure. You choose the package, leave the car at the car wash and pick up your squeaky clean car once the cleaning is completed. However, that was not how it went down for Mr Hafiz on the night of 16 Nov.

Mr Hafiz shared that he left his three week old Audi at a JB car wash around midnight on 16 Nov. As it is common practice, he handed his car keys to the car wash company so that they could shift his car from the washing area to the drying/vacuuming yard.


However, when he returned to collect his car later, Mr Hafiz found that it was no longer there.

We imagine this was his reaction at the car wash shop, just less funny.

Grand auto theft

Mr Hafiz arrived to collect his car two hours later but was told that his “friend” had already collected it on his behalf. The thief had apparently paid for the car wash and drove the Audi away.

We can only imagine the confusion that he felt at the time.

After discovering that the incident wasn’t a prank, Mr Hafiz lodged a police report with the bosses and manager of the car wash place.

Since it was already late, he waited till the next morning to contact his car dealer and finance company. Fortunately, Mr Hafiz was informed that there was a tracker in his car, this allowed him and the police to track the stolen car.

The chase is afoot

Mr Hafiz and the police found that the car was parked near a condominium, and after “2 hours of battling with the guards and management”, managed to procure the unit number of the flat that the thief was staying in.


Here’s where things got interesting. When Mr Hafiz and the police tried to apprehend the thief in his flat, the latter tried to escape capture by climbing down from the 22nd floor to the 20th floor. However, he was stranded as seen in this video below.

The suspect was later caught and brought back to the police station.


Judging from this picture below, it seems that force was needed to subdue the thief as he was spotted with cuts and a swollen eye.


Car was detained for 2 weeks

If you thought that the thief’s arrest spelt the end of Mr Hafiz’s ordeal, well we are sorry to disappoint you. Mr Hafiz’s car was detained for 2 weeks as police needed to conduct further investigations. Despite being in the hands of the Malaysian police, he was filled with “anxiety and worry” given the ordeal he went through.


A message for vehicle owners

With many Singaporeans driving or riding across the Causeway to take advantage of the exchange rate, Mr Hafiz pointed out that he shared this story so as to warn others to be more vigilant about the security of their vehicles. After all, we are pretty sure no one wants to be part of a real-life Gone In 60 Seconds.

Be vigilant like this man.

We’re just glad that Mr Hafiz managed to retrieve his car back.

Featured image from Facebook