Four Singaporean Comic Artists To Follow On Facebook

Your friends may have shared their comics on social media—or perhaps you are already in the know, and follow them religiously. These independent creators are making a name for themselves and taking the internet by storm with their funny and relatable comics. Check them out:

1. Ink Fusion Studios


ink4Ink Fusion Studios is made up of a group of comic, games, and animation artists who also conduct lessons and workshops. Influenced by Japanese manga, these comics make cheeky jibes at our technology-obsessed society, and putting an imaginative spin on local quirks, like using Street Fighter characters to show how to complete one’s IPPT.

 2. Badly Drawn Comics

baddraw4 baddraw3

Despite the self-deprecating name, these comics have gained a loyal following on Facebook. The creator, Angie, mostly talks about her every day life experiences with her boyfriend, Botak, in a relatable manner. We get to see how they deal with their problems, like raging over a stain that cannot be removed from clothes, or pretending to care about each other’s problems. Why is it called “Badly Drawn?” Well, each comic is done in 15 minutes or less, an impressive feat unto itself.

3. Daiyaku


daiyaIf you have heard of the “blue bird meme,” then you are already familiar with Daiyaku’s work. This cute mascot is a transliteration of a swear word that we say when we are unpleasantly surprised, and accompanies a blue-haired, manga-esque girl on her adventures. She comments on the quirks of living in Singapore from a female perspective, which complements the work of Ink Fusion Studios.

 4. Evacomics

eva3 2Evacomics stands out from the others as it compares Evangeline Neo’s experiences of living in Japan and the US to Singapore. Each comic makes fun of the different cultural quirks of these countries in a tongue-in-cheek way, and are a delight to read. She is now promoting her book that details her experiences, titled Eva, Kopi and Matcha.

Do you have a favourite Singaporean comic creator? Let us know in the comments!

Top image via Evacomics
With reference to Ink Fusion StudiosBadly Drawn ComicsDaiyaku, and Evacomics