Who wants to be Ariel?

Who doesn’t?

If you’ve always felt a calling to the ocean, googled shell-shaped bikinis or taped your legs together, you can now fulfil your Ariel mermaid fantasies at a newly opened mermaid school in Singapore.



No more breaking into the sweat that your five-year-old self did when holding a crayon, trying to answer the question on your worksheet about what you want to be when you grow up. Now, you can put on a tail 24/7 , as long you put aside questions about how to pee and reproduce.

The Singapore Mermaid School recently opened its pools to anyone who wants to learn the ways of the mysterious mermaid. The establishment is led by 23-year-old Syrena, Singapore’s very own mermaid girl.

Unique syllabus

On her website, Syrena shared that the class would include learning about mermaid culture, mythology and history and also some core-work and breathing exercises.

There are four levels in total, complete with certification at the end of each level. There are no age restrictions, though students will be divided based on their age-range, similar to swimming schools. Anyone can join, as long as they can swim without assistance.

Bringing your childhood fantasy to life does not come cheap though. Each level at the Singapore Mermaid School costs $490 for a total of 5 sessions.



Creating a community of mermaids

Classes have already started at Sunset Avenue, Bukit Timah, where Syrena wants to create Singapore’s First Mermaid Pod: a gathering of like-minded people aka a community of mermaids.

In case you were wondering, males can sign up too.

In all honesty it sounds like good old fun, even if mermaiding isn’t quite something you would put at the very front of your CV.

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For those who are wish to swim, glide and make their Ariel childhood dreams come true, email [email protected] for inquiries.

Singing lobster and sea creatures not included.

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With reference from The Mermaid Syrena