Singaporean Hockey Player Displays Extraordinary Sportsmanship After Getting Hit In The Face


Nur Syaheeza Gets Up Immediately After Receiving A Hockey Stick To The Face

Accidents in sport happens all the time. Adrenaline is high, and the game is extremely competitive with both sides clamouring for victory.

Sometimes in the heat of the moment, it’s not uncommon for players get more physical than they’re supposed to. Especially in sports like football and water polo where physical contact is a key component in strategy.

That’s why sportsmanship in so important — to prevent every match from degrading into a free-for-all fistfight.

Case in point, here’s what happened last Wednesday (23 Aug), when the Singapore women’s hockey team took on Malaysia during the SEA Games.

Blink and you’ll get struck in the face


While we got beat 5-0 by our neighbours, viewers were outraged over this beating instead.

The classic one-two combo.


We’re pretty sure the only word on her mind then rhymed with “puck”.

Hockey player not one to hold grudges

Hockey sticks can be made from a variety of materials such as aluminum, graphite, Kevlar, titanium and wood; all of which aren’t pleasant when your face is being swung at.

What’s amazing is that not only did Nur Syaheeza — the one who just got clocked in the face with a hockey stick — get back up immediately to continue the game, she had the composure most adults lack to not immediately clock her Malaysian counterpart back right in the face.

Just look at how she reacted.


After being struck at the side of her face, Syaheeza casually grabs her stick and picks up where she left off, without so much as being stunned or even shooting a glare back to identify the culprit.

No shouting at the ref, no kicking up a fuss.

Most footballers get into fights over way less.

That level of self-control alone should be rewarded with a gold medal.

Not a known holder of grudges.


She even proceeded to take a picture with the player afterwards.

Here’s one where she is presumably discussing how much it didn’t hurt.

My grandmother hits harder than you.


All in all, it was a one-off incident that did no real harm.

Singapore’s women’s hockey team manager Tan Siu Hua even told The Straits Times in an interview that the team wished to move on and that it was simply “part of the game”.

End of story, right?

Malaysian team “boasts” about apology

Not one to “lose face” to their neighbours, the Malaysian Tigress proceeded to highlight the sportsmanship “displayed” by their players by posting about the apology to Syaheeza afterwards and even talked about becoming friends with her after.

If you scoffed or rolled your eyes after reading that, you are not alone.

Netizens proceeded to call the Malaysian hockey team out for their misconduct and poor sportsmanship.



Many accused them of simply trying to do damage control especially after the incident trended on social media.


Some also mocked their handling of the situation.


While one had a creative suggestion for future sporting events.


Let’s put this all into perspective — Syaheeza gets hit in the face by what many claims to be on purpose and she finishes the match without holding any grudges whatsoever. If that isn’t enough, she’s compelled to pose for pictures with her culprit so that the Malaysian hockey team can post about the apology on social media.

If you looked up the word sportsmanship, we’re pretty sure you’ll be redirected to this website.


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