Here are 18 more reasons to watch the 2015 SEA Games

We’re only one day away from the official opening of the 2015 SEA Games. But apart from knowing that Singapore will send a bunch of athletes to try to win as many gold medals as possible, what more do we know about these sportsmen?

MustShareNews brings you the low-down on 18 hottest Singaporean athletes: now you can ogle AND still have some basic knowledge on their lives and sporting achievements.

1. Tan Si Lie

tan si lie

Sport: Archery

The final year student at Nanyang Technological University trains six times a week, but he’s still excited every single time he goes to the archery range. He recognises the presence of strong competition at the Games, but will nonetheless seek to better and outdo himself in the face of pressure.

2. Veronica Shanti Pereira


Sport: Athletics

Affectionately termed as Singapore’s ‘Sprint Queen’, Pereira has rewritten many national records on the track. She broke the national 100m record this year (2015) in 11.80 seconds. And mind you, she’s only 18 years old.

3. Calvin Kang

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 4.47.36 pm

Sport: Athletics

Kang described the best moment of his professional athletic career as starting and running the same race as world champion Usain Bolt.

He’s not just a runner, but also a musician, entrepreneur and fashionista. His Instagram game is pretty strong too, with posts ranging from selfies to acoustic covers to gym sessions.

4. Lee Cheng Wei


Sport: Athletics

The 2015 Games may be one of Lee’s last few competitions as age begins to catch up to him. Lee will be 28 this year. Nonetheless, the seasoned sprinter and Real Madrid fan holds the 4x100m national record and is expected to shine again.

5. Muhammed Elfi Mustapa


Sport: Athletics

Earlier in April this year, Elfi was tipped to pip Amirudin Jamal to a coveted spot in the men’s 100m sprint. This was after the Singapore Athletics President Tang Weng Fei felt that Elfi was in better “medal-winning form” than his counterpart.

However, the final list released sees Jamal running in the men’s 100m along with Calvin Kang. Elfi will race in the men’s 200m and is a selection for the 4x100m relay.

6. Joseph Schooling

joseph schooling

Sport: Swimming

Need we even say anything more about this young man? Schooling has been something of Singapore’s pet athlete after he clocked impressive timings in his races. Recognising the vast potential in the then-fledgling swimmer, Singapore agreed to grant him National Service deferment in order for him to go to the USA to train under coach Eddie Reese.

Schooling is aiming for a perfect 9 golds, and if he achieves that, he will equal swim queen Joscelin Yeo’s haul in the 1993 Games.

7. Muncherji Zubin Percy


Sport: Athletics

This man looks like he just came out of an Abercrombie and Fitch shoot, and even has the height to be one (1.88m).

The former ACJC student eclipsed the 1974 400m national record (47.4 seconds) set by Godfrey Jalleh when he was just 18 years old, with a time of 47.29 seconds at the Asian Junior Championships held in Taipei.

Medal prospects at the June Games? Coach Tahir says, “He will win the gold.”

8. Raviin Muthu Kumar


Sport: Athletics

The former Singapore Polytechnic student is now a psychology undergraduate at SIM-UB. The man doesn’t make the news very often, but we leave you with a very inspiring quote found on his Facebook cover photo.

“Sometimes to appreciate how far you have come, you have to stop for a while and enjoy what you have.”

-Raviin Kumar

9. Sasha Christian

sasha christian

Sport: Waterski

A gold medallist at the 2013 SEA Games, Christian boasts of a rather gruelling training regime. She trains on the water eight (yes, eight!) times a week and gyms twice a week.

For all those who religiously count their calories in a bid to stay healthy, Christian offers a better (and less tiring) alternative.

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 10.58.05 am

“Try not to have burgers every day.” Well, that means I can have burgers six times a week then. Yay.

Sasha’s actually half Chinese, half Indian. Her full name is Sasha Siew Hoon Christian.

10. Dipna Lim Prasad


Sport: Athletics

You know you’ve somewhat made it when you have your own (not self-created) Wikipedia page. And yes, Dipna has one.

Anyway, she specialises in the sprints and hurdles events, and recently graduated with honours from Nanyang Technological University with a degree in Sport Science and Management. Also sponsored by Tiger Balm.

11. Aizat Jufrie

aizat jufrie

Sport: Gymnastics

Aizat Jufrie has a pretty interesting story. In Singapore’s study-obsessive society, it is the norm to finish your studies first before harbouring any thoughts of competing in sporting events. However, Aizat chose to put his A-levels at Raffles Institution on hold in order to compete at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

The gymnastics talent runs in his blood, as sister Atika is also a gymnast and full-time coach at a private gymnastics club. With a bronze medal already secured at the Commonwealth Games, we definitely hope to see a podium finish for the young gymnast this year.

12. Sayidah Aisyah

sayidah aisyah

Sport: Rowing

The story of Sayidah Aisyah is bitter-sweet; and one that proves that hard work can overcome even the most daunting of obstacles. Sayidah won Singapore’s first-ever individual gold medal at the 2013 SEA Games, and I took particular interest in her because she funded her training entirely out of her own pocket.

Back in 2013, rowing nearly didn’t make the cut to be on the list of sports for the 2015 SEA Games. However, Sayidah’s 2013 victory obviously made the organisers think twice, and we are happy that her pet event will be included this year.

Go Sayidah!

13. Liane Wong

liane wong

Sport: Fencing

Wong confessed that she joined fencing only because her siblings were dabbling in it too. However, this little dabbling soon evolved into a passion for the sport.

And although height is an added advantage (longer reach), this won’t stop the 1.55m tall Wong, who we’re sure will tap on her experience to deliver silverware for Team Singapore.

14. Mark and Timothy Lee

mark timothy

Sport: Diving

I actually don’t know which is which. #TwinProblems

15. Landdis Su Mingyan

landdis su

Sport: Athletics (Discus)

In a conversation with Su, he explained that he had mixed feelings with regards to the upcoming SEA Games: confidence earned from hard work and consistent training, but also nerves (duh).

Su has also set a target for himself: he wants to beat his personal best effort of 44.62m and hit 46m.

After the SEA games end, he will be helping a friend at a clinic, give private tuition (can I have some too?) and return back to school to complete his final year project. Of course, much-deserved holiday plans are also in the books.

16. Kimberly Chan

kimberly chan

Sport: Diving

Kimberly is currently pursuing an economics degree at Singapore Management University. And well, the 150cm-tall beauty is living proof that you don’t always need height to look this good.

17. Safuwan Baharudin

[UPDATE (5/6/15)] Although Safuwan is a national player, the SEA Games football event is restricted to those under 23 years of age. Safuwan will turn 24 this year come September. Hence, he will not be featuring in the SEA Games. Nonetheless, still a man worthy of watching!


Sport: Football

Safuwan plays mainly as a centre-back, but is also versatile enough to play in other positions. In 2015, he earned a three-month loan stint as a defender in Australia’s domestic football league with Melbourne City FC. However, he sustained a spinal injury during a match and thereafter, his contract was not renewed.

17. Vivian Rhamanan


Sport: Squash

Vivian is Singapore’s top-seeded player. But what makes him special is that he’s also a young father at 29! Apart from competitive playing, Vivian is also a coach (he earned his coaching certification at 15!) at Tanglin Club, Hwa Chong Institution and the assistant national coach.

He was even interviewed by FHM as part of a SEA Games feature, and Vivian is gunning for at least one gold medal.

18. Brandon Ooi Wei Cheng

brandon ooi

Sport: Canoeing

The handsome canoeist has his own f***yeah tumblr page, with the appropriate description ‘hot stuff’. And according to his Facebook page, he is a ‘minion’ at the Singapore Armed Forces. Ahem.


Cheer on Team Singapore!

Singapore will field a total of 748 athletes at the 2015 SEA Games. Show your support for Team Singapore by personally cheering them on at the various venues. Since it’s held during the June Holidays, this makes for a perfect family-bonding opportunity.

Find out when the events are happening with our SEA Games Cheat Sheet, and get your tickets through the official SEA Games website here.

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