Singapore Kopitiam In Japan

It’s almost impossible to find an old-school kopitiam in the heart of Orchard Road.

So when we stumbled upon this “Singapore Style Kopitiam” along a nostalgic shopping district in Sapporo, Japan.

We literally had to do a double take.


Yes. This is 100% real. The locals love this place as it’s perpetually booked and never empty.


They serve nostalgic Hand Brand peanuts as a side snack to Tiger Beer, along with Singaporean classics like Bak Kut Teh, Mee Rebus and Hainanese Chicken Rice.

Best of all, this Kopitiam doesn’t plate up botched replicas of Singapore dishes.

Don’t believe me, ask the dishes.

They’re actually the real deals.

Show me the food!

Chicken rice in foreign lands never looked as authentic as this.

Hainanese Chicken RiceSource

They even serve the anyhow-plated side dish which we all love – sambal kangkong.

Sambal Kang KongSource

Imagine tucking into this steaming pot of Bak Kut Teh in the middle of Sapporo’s winter. Shiok sia.

Bak Kut TehSource

Mee Goreng for me. All 10 plates of them.

Mee GorengSource

Never thought you could get authentic Mee Rebus in Japan, right?

Mee RebusSource

Craving breakfast food for dinner? Dim Sum is the answer.

Har GowSource

Imagine Har Gow made with only the freshest shrimp. After all, Sapporo is near many port cities famous for seafood.

Of course, which kopitiam supper is complete without satay?


And to wash it all down, our home favourite — Tiger Beer.

Tiger BeerSource

If you’re feeling like Mr. Worldwide, there are also local beers to choose from.


Paired with Hand Brand peanuts, in true Singaporean style.

100 points for effort

Decor style: same same no difference

The iconic cheap plastic chairs can be found there too.


Those misspelt English-translated menus at Tze Char stalls? They have it too.


Aren’t those the pineapple lanterns we commonly see lining the streets during Chinese New Year?


Remember the old beer commercial ‘It’s Tiger Time’? They obviously know their stuff.


Feeling nostalgic yet? They have childhood Kopi-O snacks and Hand Brand peanuts too.

Confirm plus chop will bring all of you on a walk down memory lane.


Is SG culture trendy now?

We’re totally psyched about this place, although it’s an 8.5 hour plane flight away.


Mainly because it’s remarkable how the tiny intricacies of our local kopitiams were captured in this homey restaurant away from home.

So we’re definitely going to appreciate our trips to the hawker centre, the next time we jio our friends for supper.

OMG. How do I get there?

Though it’s a tad ironic to go all the way to Japan just to try food at a kopitiam, we’re sure you’ll agree that this place is pretty cool.

In case you’re interested in popping by for a quick look or to snap a picture for the gram, here’s how you can get there.

Address: Chuo Ward, South 3 West 7, Tanukikoji Arcade, Sapporo Japan

If you have to ask the locals, here’s the local address:

Japan, 〒060-0063 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo, Minami 3 Jonishi, 7 Chome−5, (狸小路7丁目)

Seating capacity: 51 people

Closest subway station:

  • Odori Station (8 mins walk)

  • Susukino Station (8 mins walk)

Opening Time: 6pm – 2am daily, closed on Tuesdays

Phone Number: 011-219-7773

Average damage to wallet: 3000 yen/36 SGD for 2 pax, including beer and food.


  • Make a reservation. The restaurant is usually full even on weekday nights.
  • The surroundings may feel barren since everything closes early, but don’t let that stop you from giving this place a try.

The folks at TripAdvisor have also reviewed this 10-year-old restaurant multiple times. You can find out more here.

Featured image from Instagram and Instagram.