Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2017 Had Major Issues

They say marathons are a test of one’s endurance, determination, and stamina.

But according to runners who participated in the annual marathon Standard Chartered marathon on Sunday (3 Dec),  that didn’t apply to just the race itself as well.


Despite being designated as an IAAF Gold Label Road Race – or one of the “leading road races around the world” – runners’ complaints about their experience on Sunday painted a different story instead. According to them, it was anything but the gold standard.

Which is why they took to social media to air their frustrations about the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2017.

Here are 4 things that were running through the participants’ minds instead.

1. Poor bag deposit management


Perhaps the biggest complaint surrounding event was the time it took for participants to drop off their bags. Some even reported to have queued for longer than it actually took for them to complete the race.

According to the complaints, only 6-8 people and 3-4 trucks for collection were employed, despite the thousands of runners in the queue.


Which led to an increased wait time of over two hours.



This resulted in many participants missing their designated flag off times.

Something no one would like to experience especially after waking this early on a Sunday morning.

2. Buses unable to reach drop-off points

Because train services weren’t available during the early mornings, private chartered buses were provided from 39 different pick-up locations travelling point-to-point to the start line.

Unfortunately, it seemed that the journey to the race wasn’t a smooth and comfortable one for some as official shuttle buses were also reportedly unable to access drop off points due to the massive crowd that formed as a result of poor bag deposit management.

As a result, runners were forced to alight a distance away where they had to walk to the bag deposit locations.

One in particular, complained of having to walk 3km before he could even start queuing to deposit hit bag.


Can you imagine being made to walk a considerable distance right before you’re supposed to run a marathon?

Talk about a stamina drain.

3. Connection issues with the app


Runners who had hoped to keep track of their running progress had the option of using the official Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon mobile app.

Unfortunately for them, issues such as the app not working properly during the run sprang up during the race itself.


Which is the absolute worst thing that can happen seeing as how the app was specifically designed to keep track of the run.

Servers were also reported to be down for over three hours.


One frustrated participant was told Channel NewsAsia the following:

None of the timing stations showed on the app apart from the start time.

Even as of 10am – five hours after the final wave for those running the half and full marathons – the app was still reported to be not functioning properly.


The app was reported to be working properly only after the event itself — so at least they can say their app works?

Looks like TATA Consultancy Services can prepare to say tata to a partnership with Standard Chartered next year.

4. Not enough finisher tees

Other than the finishing medal, what’s the other thing that’s part of the winning trophy that participants can look forward to after completing a marathon?

We’ll give you a hint: it’s not Joakim Gomez.


Can you imagine the anger and frustration when runners were told that there weren’t enough finisher tees of their sizes left — and that they had to make do with whatever sizes that remained.

Which is why many took to Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon’s Facebook to complain that they ended up with t-shirts of the wrong size.

Participants were reportedly grabbing any size they wanted due to stock running out, which led to many getting sizes that were either too big or small.



Additionally, some were even told that the reason they couldn’t collect a shirt of their choosing was because they had started the race late and that some shirts were reserved for later waves.

However, if you recall, the reason they were late at all was due to the poor bag deposit management. It certainly wouldn’t make sense to blame the runners for starting late now would it?

Furthermore, this raises a question as to how could shirt sizes be out of stock, when those who registered were required to indicate their size in the first place?


As a result, you end up with situations where runners started asking each other to exchange sizes.


Which is both hilarious and disappointing at the same time.

Your thoughts on the marathon

What are your thoughts on the controversy surrounding the Standard Chartered marathon? Given that it’s held annually, shouldn’t Standard Chartered have already thought of solutions for these issues?

Or are you simply wondering why some people pay to run so early in the morning?

If you participated in the marathon, we’d love to hear your opinion on this.

Let us know in the comments.

Featured image from Facebook.