New Exhibition At Singapore Philatelic Museum Shows The Historic Significance Of Stamps And Their Unique Future

In an age when technology reigns supreme, most go digital when communicating.

In fact, messages these days can come in the form of just one alphabet: K.

Advances in technology means that the volume of physical letters has certainly declined, as well as the use of stamps.

But as we learnt at the You Got Mail! exhibition at the Singapore Philatelic Museum, stamps mean much more than just a way to pay to send letters.

As the curator of the exhibition, Lucille Yap put it,

Stamps are mini windows giving us glances into the world.

The new exhibition runs from Wednesday (11 Apr) till 31 Dec, and immerses visitors in a multi-sensory experience where they can discover the historical significance of postage stamps and letters.

A two-part exhibition of some of the world’s most unique envelopes and stamps

The exhibition comes in two parts: the first is dedicated to artistic calligraphy, while the second is a tribute to some of the world’s most unique stamps.

For those who appreciate artistic flair, the former, titled Art on Envelope: Send Your Love The Write Way, is a must-visit.

The exhibition showcases the best hand-drawn artworks and calligraphy from the Washington Calligraphers Guild, which promotes calligraphy and the lettering arts.

Designed to reignite the art of calligraphy in letter writing, this part of the exhibition showcases the winners and honourable mentions of the guild’s Graceful Envelope Contests held earlier this year.

Some of the pieces were made by young students and children as well.

Be sure to bring your sharp eye while checking out the works. You might find hidden messages and easter eggs that add to the intricacies of these envelope art.

We’ll spoil one them for you, have a look!

Look closely at the outline — when you see it…

Stamps that you can actually see, feel, smell and hear the difference of

The second part of the exhibition is a treat for all your senses.

Well, except for taste — for obvious hygiene reasons.

It showcases unique stamps that go beyond the 3D, holographic and shiny varieties.

For instance, have you heard of stamps that smell like chocolate?

These chocolate-scented stamps come from Belgium and Switzerland, befitting the countries they represent.

They are rumoured to taste like chocolate too – just don’t lick these ones

These aren’t the scented ones on display. Other familiar scents exhibited include rose, jasmine tea, strawberry and coffee.

There’s even a sweet and sour pork one too — just don’t come with an empty stomach.

There are stamps that you can listen to as well.

Check out this retro vinyl stamp from Bhutan that you can actually play music from!

Then there are stamps that glow in the dark, those made of leather and silk and those with animations on them.

And because everything — even stamps — can benefit from a bedazzling, there are stamps studded with Swarovski crystals.

Best of all, it’s free

Admission to the You’ve Got Mail exhibition is free for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents.

The museum opens from 10 am to 7 pm everyday.

Perhaps the next time you want to post something on Instagram, consider posting a letter instead!

Or better still, post a photo of yourself posting a letter.

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