Confusing Singapore Road Signs & Markings

Can’t tell the difference between the zigzag yellow lines on the road from the white ones?

We got your back.

Here are the most commonly misunderstood road signs we’ve spotted around Singapore, explained.

1. ‘Bumpy Road Sign’

This is not a wave, neither does it symbolise double speed humps ahead.

If you guessed ‘bumpy roads’ then you’re absolutely right.

2. ‘Slippery Road Sign’

No, this doesn’t mean to drift your car and leave skid marks. What it does mean, is to expect slippery roads ahead.

3. ‘Elderly Or Blind Ahead Sign’

Although this sign doesn’t request that you stop your car and assist the elderly or blind folk ahead, we’re sure you could do them the courtesy if required.

Of course, please check if traffic allows for this first.

4. Double Yellow Lines

There’s no mistaking the familiar sight of these double yellow lines.

Well, they don’t serve any decorative purposes, but mean ‘No Parking’.

5. ‘Zebra Crossing Sign’

Don’t be fooled by the walking man. This sign doesn’t refer to any running track, but a ‘Zebra Crossing’ for pedestrians ahead.

6. ‘Advance Warning For Height Restriction Sign’

It’s a tad hard to tell from the sign, but 4.5m is the maximum height restriction.

The sign is usually placed to give drivers an advanced warning for the height restrictions in upcoming tunnels.

7. ‘No Waiting Sign’

Waiting. Every Singaporean’s most dreaded past-time. Unless it’s in the queue for something amazing of course.

Take note that this sign simply means the opposite, ‘aite?

8. ‘Zebra Crossing Ahead’ Road Marking

No these lines don’t refer to parking, nor did LTA paint them wrongly.

They actually tell drivers to slow down, and expect a zebra crossing ahead.

9. ‘No Stopping’ Sign

Staring long and hard at this sign will make the blue quadrants pop out.

But it won’t change the fact that this means ‘No Stopping’ in the vicinity.

10. ‘End of Carpark Sign’

‘No Parking’ seems like a popular interpretation of this road sign. But drivers should know that it signals the end of the carpark instead.

11. ‘ERP Ahead Sign’

Abort, abort. We mean, back up and try to figure out if you can go by an alternate way.

Or the infamous Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) gantry will be right up your alley.

12. Double Yellow Zigzag Lines

Though Singapore’s roads are pretty narrow, we’re sure you’ll be able to find somewhere else to stop your car.

Avoid these yellow zigzag lines at all costs, or risk a hefty fine from our neighbourhood matas.

Drive safely everyone

We’re sure most drivers are familiar with these road signs and markings.

But for those who’ve yet to attempt their BTTs, it’s best to familiarise yourself with the real meanings behind these sometimes confusing signs.

If you’re worried about how much it’s going to cost. We’ve got you covered too.

Featured image from MustShareNews.