It’s pretty expensive to own a car in Singapore, so many of us have chosen not to drive. But some of these road signs would even baffle the greatest minds in the universe.

So what do these Singaporean road signs even mean? Let’s find out.

What These Ten Road Signs Mean:

umbrellaWhat we think it means: Free umbrella here.
What it really means: Motorcyclists can head this way to take shelter from rain.

2.What non-drivers think it means: Bikes will start levitating above people’s heads.
What it really means: The road is being shared by bicycles and pedestrians.


What we think it means: The colour white is not allowed here.
What it really means: The national speed limit applies here.

magicquadWhat everyone thinks it means: If you drive off a quadrilateral, you will fall down in bacon.
What it really means: Quay or river ahead.

What we think it means: The road monster will use his tentacles to attack your car.
What it really means: Road ahead is slippery. Please drive carefully.
Oh. All right, then.

What we think it means: R21 movie screening ahead.
What it really means: Restricted Zone ahead.
Eh, it’s unsurprising that we’d have a restricted zone when local filmmakers don’t get to screen their documentaries here.

What we think it means: Black and red cars are not allowed to drive side-by-side.
What it really means: No overtaking.

8.What non-drivers think it means: Someone forgot to draw the sign in ah?
What it really means: No entry for vehicles in both directions, including pedal cycles.

What non-drivers think it means: There is a black horse ahead.
What it really means: Oh it’s an animal crossing? Close enough.

nostopWhat non-drivers think it means: Professor-X ahead with a chance of Wolverine or Cyclops.
What it really means: No stopping on the side of the road where this sign is located.

9343072457_ac7929445b_zOh well.

With reference to Wikipedia
Images via Wikimedia Commons, Know Your Meme, Zufeltzoo and Christopher Brown.