Singaporeans Aren’t Convinced It’s The #1 Travel Destination In The World

Singaporeans rejoice (or not, apparently), because Insider Travel recently released a Facebook video naming Singapore as the #1 travel destination of 2018. The video highlights some of the dopest parts of architecture in Singapore, as well as other local favourites.

There are scenic shots of the iconic Marina Bay Sands infinity pool and the hotel rooms in Resorts World Sentosa with wall-to-wall aquariums with many kinds of aquatic life. Of course, it wouldn’t be a video about Singapore without featuring some local dishes, including the classics – a cai png stall, an uncle flipping thosai, and even “selfie lattes”!

Just check out the video here.

Disbelieving Singaporeans

Unexpectedly, unhappy Singaporeans have taken to the comment section to discuss why we don’t deserve the #1 spot.

Wait, what did we miss? Why are we complaining about being number 1? 

1. Unimpressive in comparison to other countries


It might be true. Instead of majestic glaciers, we have the great hot sun, and instead of the vast Himalayas we have the Botanic Gardens. But our man-made attractions can count as wonders too!

2. This is not a joke:


Sure, Singapore is overcrowded during peak hours and holiday periods. But when one imagines “cosmopolitan vibes”, images of bustling crowds like that of in Melbourne or San Francisco also come to mind. So having a lot of people is pretty related to being a city. 

3. Irritate locals:


Understandably, it can be annoying when tourists bother locals and complain about things that ideally they should have researched first. Besides that, we fail to see how this comment is linked to the video.

4. Completely missed the point:


Singapore might seem boring to some locals, because we’ve all been there, done that. We were literally born and raised here.

However, the video aims to highlight that Singapore is the #1 travel destination, so it doesn’t take into account that locals have already experienced everything the city has to offer.

Redeeming Comments On The Post

To be fair, not all the comments on the post were negative. There were some gracious Singaporeans and tourists who were delighted about Singapore being voted the #1 travel destination.

1. The seasoned traveller:


Safety, warmth (in comparison to unbearable cold), and great, affordable food are things we take advantage of here for sure.

2. The delighted tourist:


This commenter loved Singapore so much that she hopes to come back soon. Not bad, huh.

3. Another happy traveller:


This commenter seems to think that our man-made wonders are actually worth the time to visit.

4. Proud to be Singaporean:


This commenter makes a good point. Singapore can be expensive, but it can be cheap, too. One just needs to know where to look. Not only that, but we’re a melting pot of different cultures which is what makes us special!

Have pride

Of course, there may be things that locals are unhappy about. But that’s normal and might apply to other countries too.

Let’s not forget that to the foreigners, Singapore has many delightful things that they may never get to experience elsewhere — from the moment a tourist steps into Changi Airport, they’re greeted by the world’s best facilities, and it only gets more awesome from there!

Lets have more pride for what we have, and not what we lack.


Featured image: Facebook