Singapore Doesn’t Have Much Of A Chance Against Argentina

Tonight (June 13), the Sports Hub will see a mauling. For the first time ever, a sporting arena will bear testament to a foregone conclusion — or as forgone as conclusions can possibly go.

We don’t know by how much, but surely, surely, Singapore will lose to Argentina.

As least that’s what the bookmakers say.

1/500 Chance

According to the bookies, Singapore only have a 1/500 chance of beating the football team ranked 155 places above them. That’s right, online bookmakers Betway are willing to give winners $500 for every $1 they place on Singapore to win, if Singapore wins.

Other betting firms are less generous however, with odds ranging from $34 to $66.

Unfortunately, there’s no legal means for optimistic Singaporeans looking for that quick windfall. Local ISPs ban us from overseas online betting sites, so we’ll just have to turn to good old Singapore Pools.

However, Singapore’s only legal sports betting avenue is slightly stingier with their odds. For every $1 wager, punters can expect only $20 in return.


No Chance

Nonetheless, Singapore’s chances of getting anything out of this game appear slimmer than a Geylang Bazaar kebab.  

Even without Lionel Messi and Gonzalo Higuain, Argentina have every reason to be confident. Because Singapore Pools is giving you 0.1 cents per dollar you bet on the South Americans to win.

Great value, probably because Argentina is going ultra attacking, with an old-school 2-3-5 formation that shows how much it respects Singapore — not.

Of course, we’re not condoning gambling or suggesting any of you actually go out and put any money on a result — we’re just looking at what the international scene thinks of this friendly.