Caucasians Found To Be 2nd Most Popular Choice For Dating Behind One’s Own Race

Interracial dating in Singapore tends to be a rather sensitive topic, especially when it comes to Caucasians — or ang mohs, as we better know them by.

Netizens in particular, speak of them in a negative light. With many believing that local women prefer dating one over male Singaporeans, this led to the formation of the term AMDK — or ang moh dua kee, which started off a semi-insult, but has now turned into a self-deprecating tag.

See for yourself.


As it turns out, this belief could actually be true.

That is, according to the Channel NewsAsia-Institute of Policy Studies’ survey on Ethnic Identity in Singapore which show that Singaporeans do indeed prefer dating Caucasians over other races — besides their own.

Proportionate representation of Singaporeans

Conducted on 2,020 respondents, the survey looked to further understand Singaporeans’ perceptions of ethnic identity regarding several key indicators.

It consists of participants aged 21 to 65 with the following distribution of respondents based on race:

This was done to ensure an accurate representation of citizens in Singapore.

Results of the survey

Participants were then asked on whether they were comfortable with their children or grandchildren dating someone of another race.

The 4 races given were:

  • Chinese
  • Malay
  • Indian
  • Caucasian

Here’s what the respondents said on dating a Chinese,

A Malay,

An Indian,

And lastly, a Caucasian.

Preference of Caucasians to other races

Unsurprisingly, Singaporeans are the most okay with their offspring dating someone of their own races.

That’s pretty much a given.

Beyond that however, is where the survey becomes interesting.


Based on the results, Caucasians are actually the second most popular choice when it comes to dating.

Aside from a small percentage of Indians – aged 46 to 65 – who prefer Malays over them, the preference of Caucasians behind their own races is virtually unanimous. Caucasians are uniformly the second-most preferred race Singaporeans want their child to marry.

White people truly big shot?

What do you think about this revelation? Do you agree that Singaporeans prefer Caucasians over any other races?

Or do you believe it simply varies from person to person? Just like this guy:


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