iPhone User Continues To Face Frustrating Customer Service From Apple

Remember earlier this month when iPhone user Mel Loi went through customer service hell after her iPhone became unresponsive following the update to iOS 11?

The repeated calls to tech support, frustrating encounter with Apple’s Geniuses, and being given multiple diagnoses of her phone that led to her recounting in a Facebook post that went viral.

Well, she’s back with Part 2 of her harrowing experience with Apple’s customer service, and she even got company CEO Tim Cook involved this time.

Will Ms Loi finally find out what went wrong with her iPhone? Will Apple provide her with the incredible customer service they pride themselves to be?

Or will she succumb to a fate of the unknown? Read on to find out.

Contacted by Apple after approaching a 3rd party

Picking up where she left off previously, Ms Loi had just been looped around by Apple’s customer service and retail store.

Frustrated by the lack of solutions, she decided to consult an unnamed 3rd party service provider to fix her phone.

However, just when it seemed that her troubles were soon to be over, an Executive Liaison from Apple Singapore (AEL) decided to contact her.

I heard you’re having issues with your phone.


Little did she know that this would mark the start of another adventure.

Apple had begun investigating her case

In the phone call, the AEL inquired on the whereabouts of the iPhone in question. However, Ms Loi had already sent it to a 3rd party service provider, following Apple’s previous diagnosis which suggested they had no other ideas to salvage the phone.

The AEL then stated that the company had begun investigations on her situation, and would be in touch when they were complete.

Fair enough, right? A straightforward call with a semblance of good news.

If only things were that simple.

Breach in Apple’s regulations

Instead, things took a turn for the worse when the AEL contacted her back.

He basically stated that nothing could be done for her, as she had decided to approach a 3rd party for help — resulting in a breach in Apple’s regulations.


Dumbfounded, Ms Loi argued that she was left without a choice. After all, the Apple Singapore Store told her that the phone was all but salvageable — and suggested a complete phone replacement as a solution.

Not-so-incredible customer service

According to Ms Loi, the AEL had raised his voice against her during their 2nd call and claimed that he was constantly trying to explain himself over her.


She also highlighted a jarring contradiction when Apple’s HQ in Singapore suddenly informed her that her phone could now be repaired.

However, because it was already opened by a 3rd part service provider, they were unable to do so due to it breaching company policy.


We call it Schrödinger’s iPhone, whereby it both can and cannot be fixed at the same time.

Ms Loi emailed Tim Cook himself

At this point Ms Loi was probably felt more lost than a deer in headlights.

At least the deer knew where it was going.


Which is probably why she resigned to seeking help from netizens — who suggested she directly email employees from Apple’s main HQ in America.

Normally this would be a reasonable action to take, given that she’s already shelled hundreds to obtain the phone.

Except in this case, the only addresses she could find was that of Apples CEO Tim Cook’s and Communications VP Steve Dowling.

Apparently the man to contact for customer service.


Which she totally emailed anyway.

She also contacted several other employees to try explaining her situation but let’s be honest, when you’ve already contacted the company CEO, there’s really nothing more you can do.

Which is why it wasn’t surprising when the AEL from before once again contacted her to arrange a scheduled call.

The email actually went through

Turns out, her email to Tim Cook had actually went through and – needless to say – the AEL wasn’t too pleased with her totally jumping the chain of command.

Did you really try to contact my boss?


He promptly expressed his disappointment and apologized – presumably passive-aggressively – for everything that’s happened.

However, despite all that’s happened, he remained firm that Apple was unable to assist her due to her actions.


With that, the 2 were completely done with each other and promptly ended the call as quickly as they could.

3rd party service provider successfully diagnoses the phone

But that can’t be it, right? A harrowing experience through customer service hell ending without a feel good conclusion for the world’s unluckiest iPhone user?

Don’t worry, a good story deserves a good ending.

Turns out, the 3rd party service provider totally pulled through for Ms Loi and were able to figure out what went wrong with her phone.


She was informed that the iOS 11 update had most likely fried her phone’s motherboard and could be fixed with a mere $210 replacement.

However, she presumably swore off ever using Apple products again and declined the repairs.

Looks like this is really it

There you have it, the conclusion to the 2-part series of an iPhone user’s nightmare through customer service hell.

Are you still an avid Apple user? Was it a happy ending?

There’s even a life pro-tip to be learnt from this.

Hope you enjoyed this story more than Ms Loi did.

Featured image from Facebook