Singaporean man was fourth runner-up for Mister Global

Noel Ng, a Singaporean Chinese male represented Singapore in the Mister Global pageant held in Thailand this year.


Lo and behold, Noel clinched the fourth runner-up position on 6 May.

Beyond that, Noel also bagged the “Charming Smile” award of Mister Global 2016, much like Romeo Tan’s London Choco Roll Happiness award at the Star Awards.

Well, we would expect Singaporeans to be proud of the glory Noel has brought for Singapore.

Alas, we were dumbfounded when we discovered that Noel received so much hateful and nasty comments online for not being more aesthetically pleasing.

Body shaming is very prevalent in Singapore

Well, to be fair he wasn’t crowned as Mister Global…


This should be a private message between Natalie and her baby. At least now we know what kind of girl her boyfriend is dating.


The only thing laughable is Singaporeans’ lack of unity and humanity.


Body shaming is very prevalent


Body shaming should not be tolerated at all.

In any case of ignorance, this is Mister Global’s motto:

“Handsomeness,” “Attitude,” And “Intelligence”

Pageants these days go beyond the aesthetic appearance and it is incredibly disgraceful how Singaporeans shame our Singapore represent.

To those bitter people who feel that other men are more eligible to run for Mister Global, there is always next year for these men to prove their worth.

To win the race you got to be in the race, and Noel Ng courageously participated and brought Singapore glory.

Some people still tried to spread positivity

Among the sea of hateful comments some people tried to stand up against these cyber bullies.


Let’s all hope that more Singaporeans could be as graceful and supportive like these people.

After all, what we need is not a muscular man representing our country, but a united and empathetic front as citizens.


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