Trainee Teacher Reaches Mount Everest Summit

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

That was exactly what 3o-year-old Ms Yusrina Ya’akob did — and her unwavering resolve to conquer the legendary Mount Everest was duly rewarded after her first attempt in 2015 was foiled by an earthquake.


The trainee teacher who is currently pursuing a postgraduate diploma in Physical Education at the National Institute of Education (NIE) successfully scaled the 8,848m-high mountain on Monday (May 22), becoming the first Singaporean to do so this year, and the first Malay-Muslim woman from Singapore to achieve this feat.

NTU-NIE Everest Team Singapore

Ms Yusrina was part of the 3-person NTU-NIE Mount Everest expedition team that consisted of Nanyang Technological University Sports Science & Management graduate Jeremy Tong, 27, and NIE academic staff Arjunan Saravana Pillai, 47.

They had aspirations of being the first multiracial team from Singapore to summit Mount Everest, reported The Straits Times, but alas, Ms Yusrina was the only one who made it to the peak.


Last Hope

Dr Saravana didn’t attempt the summit climb, as he remained at base camp to recover from his frostbitten fingers.

Mr Tong was agonisingly close to the summit (just over 200m), but decided to head back as he was suffering from hypothermia.

Ms Yusrina was the team’s only hope left, and she didn’t let her fallen comrades down. She eventually reached the peak of Mount Everest on Monday at 11.55am Singapore time.


She was assisted by Mr Dukchang Lama and Mr Nosang Bhote — 2 Sherpa guides from Everquest Expeditions.

Her determination and perseverance is exemplary and she hopes to inspire others to chase their own dreams with zest.

This is what she said in a statement reported by The Straits Times after her feat:

The value of perseverance, resilience and resolve to finish what I started meant a lot to me. I hope my success inspires others to work on their own dreams no matter how big they may be and never to give up on them.

Safe And Sound

An update on NTU-NIE Everest Team Singapore’s Facebook page on Wednesday (May 24) notified followers that the team had been reunited and was safe.


Deserving Of Praise

Congratulatory messages poured in, with many netizens in awe at the team’s achievement and Ms Yusrina in particular.


Amazing Feat

Ms Yusrina is truly an inspiration. Despite the setbacks and various difficulties she had faced while chasing her goals, she refused to cave in.

She’s deserving of all the adulation she is receiving.

And to Mr Tong and Dr Saravana — your efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. Well done!

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