What is the appeal of local music, anyway?

You’ve probably heard this refrain at least once: “I’d rather watch *insert foreign act here* than any local band”.

Every year on the last weekend of June, Singapore’s largest alternative music festival — Baybeats — provides a platform for local indie acts to show their stuff. While there were many overseas bands invited over the years, 2015’s lineup featured just 7 foreign bands — a far cry from its inception years when there were 10+ foreign bands.

As more local bands step up their game, some even achieving international recognition (see: The Caulfield Cult, ANECHOIS, Caracal), competition has become fiercer; reflecting the steady improvement and enthusiasm of the local music scene.

But Baybeats isn’t just about the music — it’s also about the fans who gather every year to watch true-blue local acts, and the shared community of the local music scene.

I wanted to find out why these fans spent their weekend at the Esplanade when they could easily be doing something else. While some people just happened to be in the Esplanade area, I also found many who were there specifically for Baybeats.

As such, we went up to them and asked what I thought was a relatively simple question:

“What is the biggest appeal of local music to you?”

More people were stumped than I expected. Maybe music is just something you do and listen to without thinking too much about? Regardless, I got quite a few interesting answers. The alternative music scene may still be niche, but it more than compensates for its size with an overflowing of passion — not only from the performers, but also from the fans, as you’ll find out:

1. “The friends =) how music brings people together” – Christal

IMG_0012-e1435669977290 copy

2. “If the locals ain’t gonna support the local band the(n) who is?” – Han Wei

IMG_0016-e1435670016435 copy

3. “Amazing how such talents come from the same city :)” – Crystal

IMG_0019-e1435670051217 copy

4. “It’s LOCAL!” – Andi

IMG_0022-e1435670086388 copy

5. “It’s different!” – Jumadi


6. “You can actually go out and watch it” – Gideon

IMG_0027-e1435670222861 copy


Talk about practicality!

7. “Different and full of potential” – Jestine

IMG_0030-e1435670260215 copy

8. “It’s being able to relate to the unique situations local music presents, and that ‘heck care’ attitude that makes them just make music, and rock out” – Zaki

IMG_0038-e1435670295521 copy


+1 for the ‘heck care’ attitude.


9. “…(local musicians) show the world that Singapore music is of high standard too and they represent our Singapore pride! The Sam Willows, Gentle Bones, (and) ShiGGa Shay make Singaporeans feel proud and hence, I support them as they show me I can make it in (the) music industry too!” -Jeremy

IMG_0042-e1435670362491 copy

Remember what I said about local music not being just about the music? Follow your dreams, young padawan.

10. “Community!” – Gabriel

IMG_0047-e1435670404871 copy

11. “Diversity” – Shaun

IMG_0050-e1435670442760 copy

12. “Inspiring” – Catherine

13. “Homely!” – Emily

IMG_0058-e1435670552178 copy

*flashbacks to Home, that NDP song nobody is going to forget in a hurry*

14. “I feel that I can relate more to the music style and also the context.” – Denny

IMG_0061-e1435670831838 copy

If you’re wondering why he’s looking away from the camera: he’s kinda camera-shy.

15. “They can relate to us cuz they’re SINGAPOREAN!” – Yi Zhong

IMG_0064-e1435670882872 copy

16. “They have their own way of expressing themselves :)” – Brandan & Rachel

IMG_0068-e1435670917603 copy

17. “Originality; Singapore’s pride; they range from teens to adults; standard is quite good compared to other YouTube covers; atmosphere” – Huei Suen

IMG_0070-e1435670946919 copy

Sometimes when you can’t pick the BIGGEST appeal, you have to list them all! We don’t mind, of course.

18. “It brings out the local talents in  SG local music and helps the arts scene in Singapore to grow especially when it reaches out to the youths. (There’s a wide range of music genres), it brings people together. It’s more than just music and talent.” – Kelly

IMG_0073-e1435675648345 copy

We’re possibly looking at the next generation of music-makers

Most of the performers aren’t even full-time musicians. They’re just your everyday Singaporeans, many of whom are holding down full-time jobs or schooling while making music on the side. Yet, there is so much diversity in this small, small scene; you can be watching chill electronica, then a chugging hardcore outfit the next minute.

To these fans, these dream-chasers are their heroes and inspiration, contributing to the next generation of dream-chasers. If anything, we need more platforms like Baybeats. Having just one or two festivals a year isn’t enough; not when there’s so much demand for local acts to perform. If we can shell out millions for #SG50, why not spend a little on the music scene? Even if you don’t appreciate the music, you can still appreciate the effort and hard work these bands put in, with little to no monetary pay-off.

Plus, local acts are way cheaper to watch than Taylor Swift.

Special thanks to all the awesome people who participated in the article and gamely posed for photographs! You never know, some of these guys may be the ones performing at Baybeats years down the road 😉

Do you support local music?

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