Exciting Singapore

Life in Singapore can get pretty mundane for ordinary Singaporeans. Work/School, Eat, Sleep. Watch a movie and hang out all the mall during the weekend. Occasionally take a vacation to Bali/Batam.

Or is it really like that? Perhaps Singaporeans actually lead exciting lives after all, but we don’t know it.

Well, one poster on Reddit tried to disprove the theory that Singaporeans’ lives are boring by asking them to reveal their exciting experiences.

The responses he received will shock you — they show that it doesn’t take much to rock our world.

Wild Rides

According to many commenters, our MRT is one seriously wild ride.


Strangely enough, many people found our public transport so exciting, that SMRT should seriously consider charging people to take the never-ending thrill ride of the MRT.

Oh wait, they already charge people for that — well let us not complain during the next fare hike then, after all it’s still cheaper than popping over to Universal Studios for the rides there.

Besides the MRT, our buses also provide much excitement:

Special mention goes to Stomp for really elevating the commuter experience and keeping us all literally on our toes — as in, we don’t dare to sit in reserved seats.


Unsurprisingly, many of the exciting things in Singapore have to do with food. As always, hawker food is favoured by true-blue Singaporeans:


However, our passion for fast food is also strong, and combined with the joy of getting unexpected surprises, it’s a double dose of excitement!


Town Life

Apparently, living in one particular town in Singapore is exciting in itself:


We do admit some exciting things can be kinda gross. Just another day in the life of an Yishun resident. Read our story on building a wall around Yishun.

However, we’re actually kinda envious of the people in Yishun — the constant excitement is another plus point of living there. Read our story on the reasons why Yishun is great.

Exciting Exams

Education is very important in Singapore, and it has been said, including by foreigners studying in Singapore, that local students find studying enjoyable.

How death-defying it must be then to actually fail an exam:

Defying Legality

Singapore is well-known for its orderliness. So every small act that doesn’t follow the rules can result in a heart-stopping guilt trip:

Thrilling Toilets

Sometimes what’s exciting can be mastery over a humble public convenience:


Love Is Blind

Now this is exciting. Finding a potential love match online isn’t that easy, especially if you look like the “before” photo of a slimming advertisement:

Life Story

This one contributor told the story of a very exciting life indeed, or rather what sounded like many exciting lives, at least some of which were lived in Singapore.

We think instead of posting on Reddit this contributor should be selling his life story to Hollywood producers:

Joy In The Mundane

The responses on this thread show no matter how mundane their lives are, Singaporeans still can find joy in the smallest things.

Reminds us of that classic National Day song, Little Things.

For what keeps us going in Singapore isn’t the extreme highs, thrills and spills, but the day-to-day delights.

Featured images from piknikdong.com, kopitiambot.com, singaporewingchun.com and vr-zone.com