Part-Singaporeans Luke O’Nien And Perry Ng Are Available As Playable Characters In FIFA 18

If you’re a fan of football, a gamer, or even both, chances are you’re excited for – or at the very least aware of – EA Sports’ upcoming football game, FIFA 18.

Scheduled to be released worldwide on Friday (29 Sept), the annual sports video game promises to be the best entry in the series to date.

Previously, Singaporean defender Safuwan Baharudin made it into FIFA 15, after signing with Melbourne City for 3 months.

But for this latest installment, there are 2 characters with Singaporean blood.

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Better known as Crewe Alexandra defender Perry Ng (left) and Wycombe Wanderers midfielder Luke O’Nien (right), these 2 athletes’ Singaporean heritage is all thanks to their grandfathers.

Singaporean heritage

O’Nien’s Singapore bloodline can be traced all the way back to his late grandfather Lim Cheng Siong, who married an Englishwoman whose daughter is the 22-year-old’s mom.

Some may also recognise Mr Lim as the brother of former Cairnhill SMC MP and Minister for National Development, Lim Kim San.

Similarly, Ng’s descent stems from his grandfather – a wealthy businessman – whose son met his English mother when he traveled to the UK to further his career.

Keen to play for and represent Singapore


When asked about the possibility in representing Singapore, O’Nien was uncertain as to whether the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) is even aware of him. However, he followed up with the following:

I really hope they do, it would make my mum so proud (if I played) for Singapore.

Great news for him because a report by TODAY suggested that national team head coach V Sundramoorthy is at the very least aware of O’Nien’s potential and ability.

Likewise, Ng told FourFourTwo in an interview that he was at one point, in contact with the FAS before plans fell through.


When asked on his interest in playing locally, the Liverpool-born athlete gave the following response:

Yes, of course I’d love to play for Singapore.

He also mentioned that he currently has a family living here.

Not unlikely to see them play locally

Whether or not both players will get to represent Singapore remains to be seen.

Given FIFA’s stance on any player being eligible to represent multiple countries as long as either grandparent was born in the territory of the relevant association, it might not be a stretch to see them soon.

What’s for certain though, is that you’ll be able to play them virtually soon on your gaming consoles.

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