3 contestants are representing Singapore for MasterChef Asia Season 1

MasterChef is a cooking competition that invites amateur chefs to do their best to impress professional chefs and win a shot at a book deal before fading into oblivion.

MasterChef USA is a cooking competition that invites amateur chefs to do their best to impress professional chefs and win a shot at a book deal before fading into oblivion. The series also features a soft side of the famously colourful Gordon Ramsay, as can be seen in this clip featuring blind chef Christine Ha from Season 3.

Now, MasterChef will be debuting its first Asian season. Prizes for the winner includes a book deal.


Contestants all over Asia will be featured, including a PhD graduate from China, a banker from the Philippines, and a 20-year-old contestant from Indonesia.

Best of all, there are 3 contestants representing Singapore!


After extensive digging research, MustShareNews presents to you the 3 Singaporeans hoping to win.

Lennard Yeong

lennard yeongSource

Lennard is an engineer, but his passion is in the kitchen. He learns dishes from YouTube and cookbooks with an added modern twist with signature artistic decorations and presentation. He hopes MasterChef Asia will be his ticket to becoming a professional chef.

Sandrian Tan

Sandrian TanSource

Sandrian is a homemaker, who quit after 8 years of experience in the semiconductor industry. After falling in love with cooking while pounding spices for her mother as a child, Sandrian hopes to pursue her love for cooking professionally.

Woo Wai Leong


Leong is a lawyer who loves spending time reading about food and exploring with essential ingredients. He cooked in his youth and has competed in cooking competitions while studying law. His aspiration is to build a career in the culinary industry.

When will it be on air?

MasterChef Asia will premier on Lifetime channel on September 3, Thursday, at 9pm.

The 3 Singaporeans will be contesting to be the first Asian MasterChef, which comes with benefits like publishing their own cookbook, earn US$50,000 cash, and other attractive prizes.

We wish the 3 Singaporean contestants the best of luck!


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Featured Image via MasterChef Asia Facebok
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