Hong Lim Park Memorial For K-pop Star Jonghyun Required Singaporean Fans To Provide Personal Details

Devastated Singaporean fans were shocked when beloved 27-year-old singer Jonghyun from K-pop boyband SHINee, reportedly ended his life after a long battle with depression on 18 Dec.

He passed away from carbon monoxide poisoning, which has since been ruled a suicide.

Still reeling from the aftermath of his death, local fans organised a memorial for their idol at Hong Lim Park on Wednesday (20 Dec).


In order to prevent copycat suicides, fans were required to fill in an online form providing their personal details and to seek parental consent for those below the age of 16.

With this information, organisers of the memorial hoped to better provide emotional support to any fans in distress over his suicide.

Providing a healthy outlet for Singaporean fans to mourn

Hoping to create a positive outlet for each other to mourn him instead of resorting to dangerous actions, a group of Singaporean fans anonymously organised the memorial.

However, only Singaporean citizens and PRs were allowed to participate, due to regulations at Hong Lim Park preventing foreign nationals from attending.

An online form had to be filled in by fans, allowing their personal data to be collected for those over 16, in order to attend the funeral.


Fans under the age of 16 had to get permission from their guardians, also acknowledging that their information was collected.

Those going for the memorial had to provide their IC number and specify the objects they wanted to bring with them, such as balloons and light sticks. They also had to agree to behave in a respectful way.

Notices were put up to urge fans who were also having thoughts of self-harm to seek immediate help and to refrain from attending the memorial.

Online registration for the memorial was closed early, due to overwhelming response.

Preventing copycat suicides

A possible reason why grieving fans were put through this trouble may have been to prevent copycat suicides, or the Werther effect.

This is a scenario where young fans will try to imitate the self-destructive actions of an idol in order to cope with their own issues.

Sadly, an Indonesian fan has already attempted suicide after hearing about his death as a “copycat suicide”.

Doctors are now worried that the K-pop star’s suicide, may lead to more fans doing the same.

This is not uncommon, as seen by similar copycat suicides after the Linkin Park’s lead singer Chester Bennington succumbed to depression earlier this year.

Fans remember Jonghyun

According to Channel NewsAsia, young fans turned up at Hong Lim Park dressed in black and white, paying tribute to Jonghyun.

Fans were so numerous that the memorial was conducted in two batches, to accommodate the thousands who were waiting to pay their respects.

Many were seen crying in disbelief, singing his songs in memory of him, and comforting each other.

Before nightfall, a large crowd had gathered

Fans lighting up the sky in memory of Jonghyun

Many brought bouquets and pictures of their idol

Fans singing his hit song “Replay” at Hong Lim Park

A musical legacy to last a lifetime

Jonghyun was finally laid to rest at a private ceremony on Thursday (21 Dec) in South Korea, with throngs of fan in attendance.

The location of his remains are unknown as per his family’s request for privacy, possibly to prevent his fans from heading there and to avoid any extreme displays of grieving.

Although it may be hard for fans dealing with the aftermath of their beloved star’s departure, they can take comfort in the beautiful legacy he has left behind in his music.

If you’re struggling with feelings of despair, or you know of anyone who may be dealing with the same, do contact Samaritans Of Singapore (1800-221-4444) or confide in someone close to you.

Featured image from Twitter and Twitter.