Singaporeans Accused Of Gang Rape In Taiwan

Some Singaporeans have made the news for behaving badly overseas — we’ve heard about entitled behavior, disrespect for the locals and even shoplifting and smiling for the cameras in Bangkok. But this incident takes the cake.

4 Singaporean men were charged this week for allegedly raping two women in Taiwan, collectively causing all Singaporeans to lose face.



According to The Straits Times, Lau Wei Seng, Bryan Ong Kun Jun, Tan Juan Yin and Lim Wei Xuan, all aged 23, were charged with sexual assault yesterday.

The men are being represented by Taiwanese lawyers and are expected to appear in court next week at the  earliest.

Shih-lin district leading chief prosecutor Chen Hsi-chu told The Straits Times that Lau is an exchange student at a university in Taipei and Ong, Tan and Lim were visiting him.

The Incident

The men met the two Taiwanese women at a club on Dec 10 and communicated through Line the next day; they invited them to Lau’s apartment for drinks.

After getting them drunk, the men allegedly raped them in spite of pleas from both women — they were forced to participate in oral and anal sex.

The men claimed they had consensual sex with both women.

The women left the apartment the next morning and were in a tearful state as they reported the incident to the police at 8am on Dec 12, according to the China Times.


The Escape

The 23-year-olds tried to leave Taiwan on Dec 13, according to Channel NewsAsia, but they were arrested at Ximen subway station; they had their luggage with them upon arrest.

Lim was released on bail a few days after the arrest while the rest remained in police custody.

But Taiwan media reported that Lim was barred from leaving Taiwan.

The men each face up to 10 years jail if convicted of rape.


Some netizens were understandably embarrassed by this incident involving our fellow countrymen.

Whether or not the 4 men will be found guilty, the fact is Singaporeans may find it tough to look Taiwanese when we go to Taiwan in the eye for awhile.

This poster on the HardwareZone forum may have echoed what many Singaporeans were thinking when they heard the news:


We’re Good Too

We wish the 2 Taiwanese women will get all the support they need, and hopefully the Taiwanese realise that there are good Singaporeans around….wherever they are.

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