Another list where we’re somewhere at the top

A survey conducted by popular hotel booking site has “commended” Singaporean travellers for having sticky fingers. That loosely translates to the fact that Singaporeans are the second most likely travellers in the world to “take” items from hotel rooms back home.

Argentineans have the dubious honour of first place.

The stats

71% of Singaporean travellers admitted to taking items from their hotel rooms, whilst Argentina logged 73%. Although it may seem to be a minute difference, it appears that the entire spectrum of responses is narrow. The lowest percentage is 69%, belonging to Columbians.

Of course, we’re no masters of petty theft. At least not with this standee around.


Here are the top 4 random things Singaporeans like to take from hotels as a keepsake:

1. Bedroom slippers


Why bother spending $100 on a pair of shoes when you can just use one of those hotel slippers your mother took on her last trip to Melaka? Might as well put that extra $100 in your CPF.

2. Stationery


The last time I checked, one of these cost $1.95 per piece. Why waste money when you can just use a hotel pen? I spent my entire JC2 school year using old pens picked up from hotels and free pens from scholarship fairs.

3. Magazines/Books

nat geo

Hotels always like to stock these educational magazines. Singaporeans like to take them for their kids because general knowledge is very important and yet, these magazines are expensive. An issue of TIME retails for a crazy $9.50.


4. Toiletries

The survey also automatically assumed that everyone took toiletries.

“We hope you take the amenities. We want you to use them later and think of us.”

-Jacob Tomsky
Author, Heads in Beds

Sounds very overly-attached-girlfriend-like.

overly attached

No survey is perfect

Don’t be too ashamed and hang your head after you read this article. The survey questioned 4700 participants from 28 different countries, but who’s to say they’re not lying?

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 4.32.05 pm

Perhaps we are just honest people. What’s the wrong in that?

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 4.33.00 pm

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