About Singapore’s Five Cat Cafés

Cat cafés are now all the rage—with the opening of Cuddles Cat Café last Thursday (18th September), it’s safe to say that Singapore is becoming a haven for both cats and cat lovers. As we love cats, we’ve checked out all five cat cafés and tell you all you need to know about them. But before you go, here are some tips that will help you get the most out of your experience.

Some tips before you go:

  • Give the cats some time to get used to you. Cats are a little wary when they meet people, so it’s best to introduce yourself to them by letting them sniff your hand before petting them.
  • Read the cat’s body language. Sometimes, a cat isn’t interested in play and just wants to be alone. Each cat is different, so bear that in mind when approaching them.
  • Talk to the staff to figure out how to play with them—each cat may have a favourite toy or some playtime quirks.
  • Don’t hog the toys! The other patrons would like to play with the cats, too!

1. Cuddles Cat Café

IMG_3087The main room of Cuddles Cat Café. You know the owner really loves his cats when he blows up these adorable pictures of them.
IMG_3152This is Cuddles, the mascot of the café.

IMG_3109This is Milk Tea. It looks like something has caught his attention!IMG_3125This is Casper. He may be a little skittish, but he loves to play!

Touted as the largest cat café in Singapore, the all-new Cuddles Cat Café strives to trump all the others. The 2,500-square-foot café is bathed in a relaxing glow, and we felt like we were having a fun sleepover that included cute cats. For now, 12 AVA-approved cats are allowed to wander the premises—the owner is working to make sure that all of his 26 cats will be able to play with guests. There are three rooms for the cats to wander in—the main hall, the sea zone, and the night zone, and the atmosphere puts both people and cats at ease.

The owner himself has also trained the cats to warm up to people, as he would like guests to get the full experience—playing with them is a breeze, and you are even allowed to carry them! There are also guides to take you through a tour of the place, and they will tell you about the personality of each cat. Look out for Cuddles, the mascot of the café, and the perpetually playful Milk Tea. For now, it is best to make a reservation by phone or simply walk in, as their online booking system is glitchy at the moment.

Location: *Scape #03-01, 2 Orchard Link
Phone: 6988 0089
Entry Fee: $12 per person for the first hour, $3 for each subsequent 15 minutes.
Opening Hours: 11 am to 11pm daily.

Verdict: It’s too early to say, but it seems like this joint will soon be purrrfect for all cat enthusiasts.

2. The Company Of Cats

IMG_2770The interior of The Company of Cats. We love the Pusheen and Totoro cushions!IMG_2780Meringue at play.IMG_2826Belle: “How do I look?”

Tucked away within Chinatown’s shophouses, The Company of Cats is a cosy cat café that is built to make interactions between guests and cats easier. Guests order their food at the café counter, and wash their hands before proceeding to the room to play with the cats, which were rescues and strays. There are lots of perches for the cats to survey the play area, as well as comfortable cushions for the humans. Be sure to dangle a toy in front of the fun-loving Meringue and look out for Belle, a fluffy longhaired cat that likes batting a ping pong ball. The staff are also helpful—it’s best to talk to them about the cats before you start playing with the kitties. Do make a reservation, and take advantage of the weekday offer—it’s $10 per person for the first hour from Tuesdays to Fridays, from 12pm to 4pm. This offer lasts till 30th September 2014, and getting to play with these cats is so worth it.

Location: 6B Mosque Street
Phone Number: 6220 3835
Entry Fee: $10 per person for the first hour on weekdays, $14 on weekends, $5 for each subsequent half-hour.
Opening Hours: Tuesday-Friday: 12pm to 10pm; Weekends: 11am to 10pm.

Verdict: It’s easily the most fun café of the lot, especially with superstar Meringue stealing the show!

3. Meomi Cat Café

IMG_2766A cat walkway that lets these furry felines survey the scene.IMG_2726Junior: “What are you lookin’ at?”IMG_2686Curley licking his chops after lunch. Mmm!IMG_2715Aaaaand Mario saves the game with this equalizer! The crowd goes wild!

Meomi Cat Café is home to several adorable kitties, including Curley, the American Curl, whose ears, well, curl upwards. There is also Junior, a flat-faced Scottish Fold cat, and Mario the Munchkin, whose favourite activity is chasing after and fetching a ball. The cats’ comfort is given top priority and guests sit on cushions—we are particularly impressed by the cat walkway that fits into this small space. The cats do take some time to warm up to you, so it’s best to get acquainted with them and ask the staff about their habits. Everything is smooth-sailing once they get used to your presence. Remember to make a reservation before coming.

Location: 668 North Bridge Road
Phone Number: 6296 0339
Entry Fee: $13 per person for the first hour, $5 for each subsequent half-hour.
Opening Hours: 11 am to 10 pm daily.

Verdict: While it’s not the best place for people who are unfamiliar with cats, the environment helps guests and kitties interact with one another.

4. The Cat Café

IMG_3056The interior of The Cat Café. A walkway is impressive, but the tables and chairs in this area distance people from the cats.IMG_3049Espresso lounging around during his afternoon nap.IMG_3035Kelly spying from her perch.

Unlike the other cat cafés, The Cat Café is devoted to providing forever homes for only shelter cats. Like Meomi Cat Café, there is also a walkway for cats to wander, but the presence of cats in this joint seem more like an afterthought as a large playpen separates them from the dining area. Although we did get to sit on proper chairs, this, along with the playpen, served to distance us from the cats. Being rescue kitties, these felines were more aloof than the others, and did not seem to take to people as well in the other cat cafés. (The noisy atmosphere may have also annoyed some sleeping cats.) We saw that some people did not know how to interact and play with the kitties, and the staff were lax about teaching guests how to interact with them. This café mostly operates on a first come, first serve basis and does not charge by the hour, but we felt that it was better to pay more to play with more affable cats.

Location: 241B Victoria Street
Phone Number: 6338 6815
Entry Fee: $15 per entry
Opening Hours: Monday: 3pm to 10pm; Tuesday – Sunday, Public Holiday: 10am to 10pm

Verdict: The Cat Café is not for the impatient or those who haven’t had much experience interacting with cats. It’s best to head on over to Cuddles Cat Café first before you ‘level up.’

5. Cat Café Neko No Niwa

IMG_2888Everyone’s waiting for the cats to wake up.
IMG_3002“Welcome to Neko no Niwa!”IMG_2926“Yes, how may I help you?”

Unlike The Company of Cats and Meomi Cat Café, the dining and play area of Neko No Niwa is awkwardly positioned—cats sleep in a row of beds and scratching posts between the seats, which made us feel as though we were queuing up to see the doctor instead of coming in to play with cats. Like The Company of Cats and The Cat Café, these cute critters are rescue cats. The toys lacked variety, which minimized interactions between guests and cats, so we settled for petting and brushing them instead. Even though the staff showed us how to pet them, it was more challenging to get them to warm up to us, given the bond they had with their owners. Once we settled in, however, each cat proved to be a delight—it does pay to read their body language when interacting with them.

Location: 54A Boat Quay
Phone Number: 6536 5319
Entry Fee: S$12 per person for the first hour, $5 for each subsequent half-hour
Opening Hours: 10am to 10 pm daily.

Verdict: Like The Cat Café, this joint is better if you have had some experience for cats. It’s a great place to lounge alongside with your fellow felines on a lazy afternoon.

Top image: Cuddles from Cuddles Cat Café