And Singaporeans’ feathers have been ruffled once again

So Singtel’s data services are down.

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Former Nominated Member of Parliament Calvin Cheng called the Singtel outage “a tragic embarrassment”.

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How can we be a Smart Nation without reliable data connectivity? Somebody CC Lee Hsien Loong please.

Outraged netizens flood Facebook

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ERP is also technology, but it doesn’t break down. Ever.

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Hey, didn’t Singtel change their logo and introduce new customer initiatives not too long ago? Perhaps they could opt for this name change too. A company name should always reflect what they stand for.

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Mass termination of Singtel contracts by angry Singaporeans. Now that would be exciting.

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Hur hur.

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Oh yah hor. How to check Facebook indeed.

Singtel getting from bad to worse

Outages and breakdowns have become so common that it no longer is news. We wonder if the Singtel management is even doing anything about it apart from instructing their minions to continually update social media.

It’s your call, Chua Sock Koong.


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