Labour Day is now improved with data fee waivers for Singtel subscribers

This just in — Singtel has apologised for the mobile data disruptions which occurred on 22 April (Wednesday) on their Facebook page, and an SMS was sent to all its subscribers informing them of data fee waivers on Labour Day (1 May).


The waiver appears to extend only to postpaid subscribers, although non-data bundle users can also take advantage of the data fee waiver on 1 May if they use the Singtel APNs.

More info on how to ensure free data can be found here.

Yay, right?

Singaporeans will never be satisfied. This is the proof.







Okay, maybe some actually are satisfied.





In an ideal world, no “incidents” would occur

However, we live in the real world and even intermittent disruptions will result in a lot of angry customers.

So much for their rebranding though — it doesn’t seem like anything’s really changed. Even the offer of free data on 1 May isn’t exactly new.

Then again, we don’t really want all these goodies (or do we?). All Singaporeans want is a stable service and proper crisis management.

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With references from Facebook, Singtel