SkillsFuture More Like SkillsFAIL

As a national movement aimed at expanding the skills of employees, you would think SkillsFuture provides legitimate courses, where instructors are qualified. And most of them probably are. After all, education providers would undoubtedly have to go through some form of certification and layers of checks.

However, this may not be the case for one of SkillsFuture’s language skills courses. In fact, whoever wrote the course description seems to lack the very skill the course claims to be teaching.




There are many things that befuzzle us, but the course description for NTUC LearningHub’s “Effective English with Grammar” tops the list. Talk about being the epitome of irony.

Skillsfuture Course On Grammar Ironically Has Website With Bad Grammar And Spelling_IRONY DEFINITION


Here’s what it reads:

Course Objective

Effective English with Grammer teaches about how Grammer rules work, sentence construction and how to speak/ write effectively using correct English Grammar.

Course Content

Upon completion of the course, the trainee will be able to:- Help learners internalize the grammar rules of the English Language and to increase their word bank.- Learn pronunciation tips relating to the sounds and features of the English Language.- Understand and apply the fundamental language skills in writing and speaking.- Learn to talk about things that had happened and describing people and things.

Spot The Errors

Here’s a chance to relieve our schooling days, where we spent English lessons doing exercises like spotting grammar mistakes in passages:

Skillsfuture Course On Grammar Ironically Has Website With Bad Grammar And Spelling_SPOT THE ERROR


What Went Wrong

Everything. Everything went wrong.


Grammar nazis, Beware. There will be no compensation for hours spent cursing in anger or hair loss from repeated pulling. Due to the extent of error, non-grammar nazis are also susceptible to feelings of frustration and annoyance.

Skillsfuture Course On Grammar Ironically Has Website With Bad Grammar And Spelling_MISTAKES


 1. The red circles indicate spelling errors. We don’t know about you, but we sure cannot understand how one is able to use the same word three times in a sentence, and still spell two of them wrongly. #beatsme 

2. “Teaches about how” — Huh….just, HUH???

Skillsfuture Course On Grammar Ironically Has Website With Bad Grammar And Spelling_JACKIE


3. The blue lines indicate that the word “to” is repeated.

4. The last sentence should have started with “Learn to talk about things that have happened”. “Had” shouldn’t have been used as past perfect tense isn’t applicable in this case.

5. In the last sentence, both verb clauses should agree with each other. Since the verb “talk” is in present tense, “describing” shouldn’t be in present continuous tense but present tense also. Hence, it should be: “Learn to talk about things that have happened and describe people and things.” 

Unbelievable But True

We would like to believe that this whole website was fake, but the secure sign at the address bar says otherwise — this website is the actual SkillsFuture website.

Unless the SkillsFuture website was hacked or this was a bad marketing ploy to attract attention, we will remain shocked and disappointed at the language standard of a course that is supposed to teach English grammar.

But that shouldn’t stop you from trying other SkillsFuture courses that we’re sure are interesting, though. Read our story on interesting SkillsFuture courses that surprisingly exist.

Featured image from the SkillsFuture website