Sleep On The Train And Never Miss Your Stop Again

A photograph of a girl holding a sign while sleeping in the MRT has gone viral on social media.

The young girl, who seems dead tired, is clutching her bag while holding a mini whiteboard that reads:

“Please wake me up at Sengkang, thank you. P.S. If you want to Stomp just Stomp, I’m too sleepy.”


What a brilliant idea for a quick nap without worrying about missing her stop. We live in a country where it is safe to fall asleep in trains—in lots of places around the world, valuables like phones are being snatched right out of the hands of commuters who were using them.

While the unimaginably tired girl was relying on the kindness of fellow passengers to wake her up, the striking irony is also the knowing attitude that she would probably be STOMPed. Her “prophecy” came true and now someone else is $50 richer because of her.

Courtersy Campaigns Sometimes Backfire

Courtesy campaigns aimed at commuters—like those featuring Move-In Martin, Stand-Up Stacey and Give-Way Glenda—have often encouraged travellers to give up their seats to the elderly, disabled, pregnant, injured or children. The narrow scope of who deserves a seat, whether it is reserved or not has sparked a lot of ugly confrontations on trains and buses. Angry aunties who scream self-pity on green line are about as common as SMRT breakdowns.

Because of the fear of STOMP (and the crazy aunties), some commuters would rather stand no matter how tired they are.

On the other hand, the further people are from the priority seats, the less obliged they feel to give up their seats to a pregnant lady whose belly is staring right in their faces.

Perhaps it’s time we also consider saving our kindness for other characters like Worn-Out Worker, Sleep-Deprived Soldier or Sick-And-Tired Student. After all, everyone gets tired sometimes. A little more empathy to our fellow Singaporeans wouldn’t hurt, pregnant, elderly, or otherwise.

With reference to: STOMP
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