The driverless race takes off in Singapore

The Group Rapid Transit vehicles, which is similar to an automated minibus, will soon be able to ferry up to 24 commuters around.  The automated vehicle system is a joint venture between SMRT Services and 2 Getthere Holding (2getthere) and they hope to market, install, operate and maintain the vehicles in Singapore and across the Asia Pacific region.

These driverless vehicles are able to reach 40km/h and cater for up to 8,000 passengers per hour in any one direction, as a low-cost automated transit system.

Still, the automatic vehicles are currently being used only in closed environments like Netherlands’ Rivium Business Park and are not set to hit public roads anytime soon.

Even so, Singapore is clearly joining the race to leverage on driverless technology, with the government investing millions towards automated vehicles.

Earlier in April, NuTonomy, a driverless car startup from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology too announced its intention to debut a pilot study for driverless taxi cabs in Singapore. In a few years, they plan to have thousands of driverless taxis throughout the country.

With all these plans, Singapore may very well be the first country to release driverless vehicles.


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With reference to TODAY, Channel NewsAsia