6-Year-Old Boy Dies After Being Pinned Under SMRT Bus In Choa Chu Kang


Racism, Misogyny And Speculation: How Singapore Netizens Reacted To A Tragedy

SMRT may be no stranger to train-related incidents. But this apology however, doesn’t involve a train, but a bus.

A 6-year-old boy was found pinned under an SMRT bus by Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) personnel.


He had reportedly been crossing the road at Choa Chu Kang Ave 5 earlier this morning (24 May), around 9am.

Lifting equipment was used to rescue the young boy, who was found under the rear wheel of the bus.

The unconscious victim was taken to National University Hospital (NUH), after sustaining “multiple, serious injuries”, according to The Straits Times (ST).

He has since passed away after succumbing to his injuries.

A grisly scene

A witness, Mr Charlie Lim, saw the accident happen in front of Block 486, while driving out of a nearby carpark.


He described a grisly scene,

The boy was extracted from below the bus and sent up the ambulance. There was a lot of blood flowing under the bus.

Victim’s mother in state of shock

As for the victim’s mother, she was standing next to the bus and appeared to be “in a state of shock” while being comforted by onlookers and police officers.

The boy was allegedly “playing with a mobility device” while “crossing the road”.

However, ST has since removed all mention of the “mobility device” in their updated article.

SMRT’s apology

At around 10.15am, SMRT announced that Bus Service 983 will “skip three bus stops” along the route, due to an accident.

SMRT vice-president of corporate comms Margaret Teo has also apologised to commuters affected, expressing sadness at the unfortunate incident.

She added that the SMRT care team “has reached out to the boy’s family”, and will be providing “support and assistance” to both the police and the victim’s family.

Netizens chime in

Some netizens felt that the victim’s mother could have done more, especially if a “mobility device” was involved.


Another witness claims that he was at the scene and it was “heartbreaking to see his mom screaming and crying hysterically”.


However, although he felt the issue was “likely a lack of proper parental supervision”, he requested for others to keep their “snide remarks” to themselves.


Others pointed out that it didn’t matter who was at fault as a young boy’s “life [was] in danger”.

We couldn’t agree more.

Police investigation ongoing

As the police has been notified, we’re sure ongoing investigations will result in a clearer idea of what transpired.

More importantly, we at MustShareNews extend our sincerest condolences to the victim’s family.

Featured image from Google Maps and Facebook.