SMRT Reports 10 Min Train Delay This Morning, Instantly Gets Fact Checked By Netizens


SMRT Gets Caught Announcing Inaccurate Delay Timings

Breaking news! No that’s not right. For the umpteenth time, commuters were forced to endure yet another SMRT breakdown. This time, the delay took place on the East-West Line on Tuesday morning (19 Sept), around 8.30am, with passengers stuck between Pasir Ris and Tanah Merah stations.

You would think that with the numerous times this has happened, that SMRT would have gained at least some experience in handling days when there are train faults. However, it seems that they cannot even provide an accurate update of the length of delay. Maybe it is as complex as fixing the signalling system.

With SMRT failing to update commuters via their social media platforms, commuters had to rely on other sources for updates on the train fault such as SMRT’s announcement board. The problem? The timing was inaccurate.

While the breakdown would have already angered Singaporeans, imagine their reaction when they realized that the announcement was wrong.

Additional 10 mins, zhun

The delay took place during the early morning-rush, around 8.30am. Once the train fault began, SMRT announced that services would be delayed by 10 minutes. With SMRT going MIA, commuters had to turn to alternative sources for information.


The Straits Times reported that even at 9.25am, there were no updates from SMRT on their social media accounts. With a lack of information, the mainstream media and commuters had to rely on screenshots such as the one below for updates.


Stations announced that it services would be delayed by an additional 10 minutes. The problem however, was that the delay actually took up to 20-30minutes.


Since SMRT kept its silence, mainstream media could only do its best to aid commuters by relaying the message that services would be delayed by 10 minutes. This led to some commuters, who were already at the station, to accuse the ST of publishing ‘fake news’ since they had already been waiting for a long time.


SMRT’s silence creates more problems

The lack of accuracy of SMRT’s announcement led to commuters choosing to accept the 10 minute delay, rather than plan alternative routes to work. This led to a huge pile up at stations which were affected. Take a look at how long queues were at Tampines MRT.


Commuters were clearly not pleased at SMRT’s silence and they took to social media to voice their frustrations.



Fake News?

Remember when a certain transport minister who slammed the media for reporting ‘fake news’ about the transport system? Well maybe it’s time to stop pushing the buck and actually ensure that SMRT’s procedures for train breakdowns are in place since train breakdowns show no signs of stopping.

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