North-South Line, East-West Line, And Circle Line All Broke Down

Reported by virtually every news and media outlet available, the train collision at Joo Koon MRT Station in the morning rush hours of Wednesday (15 Nov) was most certainly the talk of the town.

However, perhaps more interesting was that all three of SMRT’s MRT Lines experienced a disruption — on the same day.


Almost half a day after the Circle and East-West Lines were reported to have train faults, SMRT tweeted at the evening peak hour that up to 40 minutes of travel time was to be added when commuting on the North-South Line.

That’s right — 15 Nov 2017 was the day when SMRT hit the jackpot with all three lines causing big delays.

Signalling fault at the Circle Line

At 6.28am, SMRT tweeted that a signalling fault had caused trains between Botanic Gardens and Haw Par Villa to move slower.

It was revealed just 10 minutes later that the fault was between Farrer Road and Buona Vista, and that commuters were expected to experience delays of up to 20 minutes.

This led to a huge congestion of crowd at Bishan’s Circle Line.


The fault was eventually rectified roughly two hours later.

East-West Line takes a hit (literally)

However, mere minutes before issues with the Circle Line was resolved, a then-unknown train fault had just taken place at Joo Koon at 8.25am.

The fault would later go on to be revealed as the Joo Koon train collision where a train had suddenly moved forward and collided with the stationary train in front.


It was initially reported that 28 commuters – including 2 SMRT staff – had sustained injuries as a result of the trains “coming into contact”.

However, a joint statement by the LTA and SMRT revised the number upwards to 29 after an additional passenger walked in to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital in the evening.

At least that wasn’t as bad as the collision in 1993 right?

Fewer trains at the North-South Line

Just when you thought that things couldn’t get any worse however, this happened.

Completing the trifecta, SMRT tweeted that the North-South Line would be experiencing delays of up to 15 minutes due to “fewer trains serving the NSL”.

However, commuters immediately begged to differ as they complained of being stuck for at least 10 minutes at each station.



One even managed to reach Kuala Lumpur before her friend got back home to Ang Mo Kio.

Which is probably why they promptly updated the expected increase in travel time to 40 minutes.

Do note that commuters were advised to take alternative lines when travelling from Bishan to Yishun.

But the last time we checked, there wasn’t any other alternative line.


Additionally, netizens were left puzzled as to why there were fewer trains in service in the first place.

Trifecta of disruptions completed

There you have it, a breakdown on all three of SMRT’s MRT Lines in a single day.

It’s actually kinda impressive if you think about it.

Was it really a stroke of bad luck for Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan and friends? Or could they simply be trying to break the record for the most number of train faults in a day?

Either way, we’d be wary of taking the Bukit Panjang LRT Line if we were you.

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