SMRT shows the behind-the-scenes in the life of an SMRT engineer

Other than making their trains break down, Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) knows how to make videos — and is pretty good at that.

In a YouTube video titled “24/7 | My Father My Pride” (22 Dec), the video paints the life of an unsung hero in the form of an SMRT engineer who works in the wee hours of the morning to maintain the train system.

His daughter works at an office and takes the train at 8.30am, while the father only goes to bed at that time.


We don’t remember the train being that empty at 8.30am though.



At night, the daughter comes home at about 10pm, while the father leaves for work. From 11pm onwards, the video shows the father diligently working on the train tracks while sweating profusely.

What happens in the end? We’re not gonna spoil it for you — you’ll have to watch it yourself.


This video should be in line with SMRT’s recent campaign with the slogan “We are working on it”. The campaign paints a more human and personal side to SMRT — seemingly the company’s way of trying to gain the understanding of ordinary Singaporeans.

we are working on itSource


Train breakdowns not the only transport problems

These questions are constantly lingering in our minds — Since oil prices have decreased, when will our fares decrease too?

Furthermore, when will the trains be less crowded?


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