This SMS Virus Is Kicking Up A Storm

If you have an Android phone, you may have seen this text message, asking you if a certain photo is yours.

An image link is provided, and if you click through, there will be a shortlink that prompts you to download an app called Photoviewer. Once you click on it, malware will be downloaded into the phone, and an SMS will be sent to the user’s contacts, with the cycle starting all over again.

SGAG alerted its users on Monday, with this post:

They soon followed up after:

The website SingCERT¬†states to delete the SMS immediately and to delete the Android Application Package (APK) from the Downloads folder. This can be accessed from the browser’s settings page.

Why Is Everyone Freaking Out?

With so much fuss with privacy concerns, all of us are now wondering how the virus came to infiltrate Android phones. Like the M1 leak, this proves that there are so many ways to hack into a phone and that no one is really safe. Until newer developments come by, delete that message and you will be fine.

With reference to Channel News Asia
Featured image via SGAG