SMU Says Condoms, Alcohol, And Tobacco Are Not Sold On Campus

We all know the various health risks associated with drinking alcohol and tobacco smoking. Its adverse effects can be easily found anywhere you look.

But did you also know that condoms are – according to Singapore Management University (SMU) anyway – equally as harmful as these vices?


Don’t believe us? Check out what an SMU spokesperson said about school regulations:

SMU has rules in place prohibiting the dissemination of mailers by certain companies, including those selling alcohol, tobacco and condoms.

He’s of course, referring to the blunder made by SMU on Monday (25 Sept) night when they accidentally sent students an e-mail offering them discounts when purchasing condoms online.

Accidentally offering condom discounts

In case you didn’t know, students received an e-mail from the SMU Students’ Association on late Monday evening which offered them an “exclusive” 10% discount on condoms from online retailer Happy Mail.

The promo code “SMU2017” was applicable for Durex, Okamoto and Sagami (not pictured) branded condoms.

Screen grab of the e-mail sent to SMU students

However, an hour later, a second e-mail was delivered retracting the offer and apologizing for the error. It said the following:

We hereby apologise for the mistake in sending out the previous e-mails and are deeply sorry for any inconvenience caused.

According to The Straits Times, the mistake happened to a newer member of Bizcom, the business development section of the Students’ Association.

We here at MustShareNews also understand that the party was unaware that the school prohibited students from promoting the sale of condoms.

Isn’t it a little odd that the email is referred to as an “accident” considering the offer was tailor-made for SMU students?

Why group condoms with alcohol and tobacco?

Last time we checked though, unlike alcohol or tobacco, no one’s actually died from using condoms.

After all, wouldn’t it make more sense to promote safe sex through the usage of condoms rather than completely abstaining from it?


Why lump something that reduces the risk of STD and unwanted pregnancies with alcohol and tobacco?

Netizens question their decision

Despite SMU’s efforts at damage control, the image had already gone viral on social media and netizens flocked in questioning their decision to recall the promotion.


They probably do believe in safe sex, but it’s hard to justify that considering sales of condoms are prohibited on campus.


To be fair, schools in the Philippines have started distributing condoms to students to combat HIV/AIDS.


Maybe this was simply a ploy to combat Singapore’s low birth rates.

And lastly, an analogy.


Still, this move had definitely raised awareness that condoms can be bought online.

Perhaps this was part of Happy Mail’s plan all along. Check out what they said in an interview with The New Paper.

“Very often, we find that youths can be shy to purchase condoms at convenience stores. As such, one of our key objectives was to provide them with an alternative to purchase condoms conveniently”

Consider their marketing campaign successful.

Yes, the coupon code is still valid

But in case you were wondering.

Yes, the coupon code still works. It’s valid til Monday (9 Oct).

So shop away.


But do it discreetly.