1,108 applications for 45 places in new SMU course

A new course at Singapore Management University (SMU) is so hot, there are 25 students competing for each spot as local media reports. A total of 1,108 applications were sent for the 45 places that are available for the new degree course, which offers a combination of politics, law and economics (PLE).

The new degree course has become so popular that the total number of applications into SMU rose to 14,000 this year, 6 percent more than last year, according to local media.

The 45 students who will eventually be selected will start the course taking all three subjects in the first year before specialising in one of the four areas; global studies, distribution and justice, public policy and governance, or choice and behaviour from the second year onwards.

So far, close to 5,000 of the 14,000 have been shortlisted. These students will now have to go through an interview process. SMU is the first university in Singapore to require all its candidates to attend an interview. The practice started 16 years ago with its pioneer batch of 2,000 students.

Interviews are still carried out now, even though the number of candidates have skyrocketed.


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Featured image via Wikimedia
With reference to The Straits Times