hopes to show that neighbours can be awesome

Mr Moh Hon Meng, 46, thought about how nice it would be if everyone who lived in the same block knew each other and interacted with each other. And so, the idea for, “the social network for awesome neighbourhoods” was born.

As a column on the website will attest to, there are neighbours that everyone would find useful to have, like a tutor, an auntie who can clean your house, or even a real estate agent for those who are looking to move. The column neglects, however, to include the plant pruner, the pizza delivery guy, and the handyman.

Features to interact with neighbours

There are many interesting features on the website, such as the “Borrowing” feature which saves the hassle of having to buy household equipment which a neighbour might already own. That coveted $5000 pressure cooker may just belong to someone who lives near you! Wouldn’t that be sweet. Don’t forget to return the items though — they literally know where you live.

You can also use the “Inform” feature to politely (via courteous pre-set messages) tell your annoying neighbour to shut their filthy trap.

While the idea of is really well-meaning, this is how we think the website will actually pan out:

1. Everyone will use images of pretty ladies as their avatars

Anyone who’s spent enough time online will be familiar with a phenomenon that plagues nearly every forum and game that allows for trading — the female posers.


These posers are typically basement-dwelling men who have not seen sunlight for most of their shut-in lives, and for reasons known only to themselves they pose as females online, use female avatars, and male players give them items for free in return for…I’m not sure what, really.

With the “borrowing” feature on the website, it would not surprise anyone at all if fake accounts with female avatars become even more prevalent on

2. Lots of people using the website — but none of them are in your neighbourhood

This actually happened to me — in trying out the website, I realised I am the only person from my block using at present. A reverse effect happened here; in looking for neighbours online, I found none, which does sound pretty sad.

Best we get to knocking on our neighbours’ doors and introducing ourselves instead of hanging around on a website which none of your neighbours use.

3. Mouthpiece for annoying adverts

For these people, becomes the newest Carousell, except even more in-your-face and annoying. No, I do not want to buy your 20-cent coin.

4. Weird things put up for borrowing



…such as a body pillow (also known as dakimakura). We’re not people to judge, if you like them.

5. So much discussion



Almost zero posts, equivalent to a ghost town. And it will probably remain that way for a while.

Unless way more people start using it! They’re giving out Ben and Jerry’s ice cream for doing stuff on the website too. BEN AND JERRY’S. How can you resist that.

Hopefully some new users will be in my neighbourhood and then we can…trade…things…

Yeah. I don’t use a female avatar though.

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