Amos the boy moron was seemingly slapped while walking to the courts

This afternoon (30 April), a man in a red shirt marched right up to Amos Yee en route to court and gave the teen a tight slap across the face.

Looks like somebody was super displeased at Famous Amos for breaching the conditions of bail.

Check out this video of the slap.

WATCH: Video of man hitting #AmosYee while he was on his way to the court for his pre-trial conference.

Posted by Channel NewsAsia Singapore on Thursday, 30 April 2015

That force. That whiplash. That satisfaction.

Amos clearly wasn’t pleased with the attack, and could be heard muttering to himself according to this Instagram capture.

#AmosYee was slapped by a stranger outside the court house. “Sue me, come and sue me!” the man shouted and fled.

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Meanwhile, the cameras kept clicking and nobody reached out to lend a hand. But hey, he’s a big boy. I’m pretty he can handle himself.

Here’s a song for you, kid.


Featured Image via Channel NewsAsia Facebook Page