He thought the man was drunk but didn’t walk away

Imagine this. You’re hanging around Nicoll Highway at 2am on a weekday.

You could be YOLO-swagging and going for a late night spin in your new ride.

You could be outrageously breaching a curfew and racing home to avoid the wrath of adults.

Whatever it is, you don’t care about anything else but yourself.

Well, why would you have to care about anything else at that hour?

Then, you see this:


Your head goes into a frenzy of options upon realising you might have just bumped into the stereotypical pai kia wasted from drinking all the things you wouldn’t ever drink at this hour.

After a few moments, you’re down to four options: A) turn B) the C) f*** D) around.

Yesterday (2 July), a humble chap who goes by the name of Cai Yinzhou, however, chose option E — to make a ballsy move of checking out the man on the floor who’s also buff and tattooed enough to scare away any normal person.

Not to mention option E (i): snap a quick photo for Facebook, so that kaypohs like us to turn it into a story.

(During a chat we had with Yinzhou, he clarified that the above photo was taken while he was waiting for the ambulance and after he moved the man into a recovery position. He also sent a photo of the man — not posted online — to his doctor friends, seeking advice from them.)

Check out how the lifesaver (who is also his own photographer) documented the incident:

Here’s where we brofist him

Cai Yinzhou taught us a valuable lesson through his selfless deed, that being a Good Samaritan now means having no fear of stereotypical bad guys who suddenly show up on the floor at 2am.

Oh, and that you can’t be 21st century Mother Theresa until you release the news on the same platform you used to post embarrassing selfies-of-you-in-braces on.

Yinzhou, your exemplary and honourable behaviour will go on to touch millions of other technologically advanced lives.

Thank you.



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